SugarCRM with Magento Platform Integration – A Great Way to Manage Customer Relationship

27 Aug

Magento, a feature-rich eCommerce platform, being built on open-source technology, offers online merchants excellent flexibility and control over the look, feel and content of the website along with functionality for their e-stores.

SugarCRM with Magento Platform Integration

SugarCRM empowers enterprises to acquire and retain customers by offering improved proficiency and control over their sales pipeline. Being an open-platform cloud-based Customer Relationship Management solution, it is easily customizable, thus cater to the organization’s dynamic needs. It offers a competitive edge to the enterprises by providing with a 360-degree view of their customers and helping them to streamline their marketing strategies.

Why Should You Integrate SugarCRM with Magento

In today’s e-commerce platform consistent analysis of customer behavior has become imperative for any e-Commerce store to improve buyer experience and turn more browsers into buyers.

Appropriately managed and nurtured customer relationships can allow enterprises to integrate sales, promotional activities and customer service business functions to yield the best value out of each customer interaction and activities. Magento is packed with various features that can help to manage customers, but it is not a fully-fledged Customer Relationship Management system that can manage the CRM wholly. Under these circumstances, integration of Magento with SugarCRM can work in collaboration adding value to the online store functioning.

Magento SugarCRM Integration enables companies to track customer’s behavior by the products purchased and also catapult repeat sales, brand loyalty, conversion rates, and social media involvements in an integrated database.

Advantages this Integration Bring

This integration is very valuable and functions seamlessly. It helps in generating lead by studying customer choice and trend through SugarCRM based on buyer actions on Magento based web-store. With right customization, given the specific business needs, you can realize following benefits from Magento-SugarCRM integration.

  • Track buyers and enhance conversions rate
  • Promote products on real-time to web-store visitors
  • Study consumer behavior by evaluating popular searches, tags & ratings, most viewed pages, most visited products, most selling products and several other consumer insights
  • Target prospects through email marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Analyze market, forecast buying trends and introduce discounts or help for right products and services

It’s all about customer relationship and organizing it successfully with the integration of these two platforms. It not only aids to the proper functioning of the e-store but it can also help in delineating the right marketing strategies. Several online merchants are integrating this combination to add value to their business.

6 Innovative Magento Integration Solutions

11 Aug

The demand for Magento Development has increased in recent years. This is a standalone platform to add functionalities to a website. Professional web developers are well versed in various platform integration with Magento.

Magento Integration Solutions

    • Magento CMS Integration
      Developers are experts in integrating Magento with CMS based websites. The vendors hold the proficiency in integrating with Drupal or Joomla CMS based websites. They also indulge into setting up sites that have powerful e-commerce applications and easy to use CMS.


    • Magento ERP Integration
      Vendors also provide a seamless ERP integration into the Magento stores. This allows the customers to maximize the effectiveness of their stores, keep it up-to-date and enable centralized access of data across the whole business. This helps them grow their online business.


    • Facebook Integration with Magento
      This includes adding a Facebook ‘Like’ button to an online store’s product pages to allow customers to show their appreciation for individual products. It includes integrating a widget of the latest news from a store’s Facebook profile.


    • Magento WordPress Integration
      The integration service enhances both WordPress and Magento implementation. On merger of WordPress and Magento, advantages of both the platforms can be enjoyed.


    • Magento Payment Gateway Integration
      Magento professionals are experts in integrating online stores with payment gateways.


    • Magento Quickbooks Integration
      This Magento Quickbooks Integration helps merchants to connect their online store’s data to accounting data from Quickbooks. On predefined intervals the synchronization process is performed for keeping the data at both the fronts updated.


    Integrating Magento with an ERP application, CRM solution or with WordPress is very common to meet the customer requirements. There are several other integration solutions provided by magento developers for reducing the complexity of an e-commerce website and to meet the expected outcome. Hire the best professional, given your business needs, and watch the results.

Are You Technology Ready to Migrate from ‘Magento Go’ to ‘Magento Community’ Platform

19 Jul

July 1st, 2014 was the fateful day when Magento announced the closing of ‘Magento Go’ and ‘Magento Pro Stores’ platform on February 1st, 2015!

Birth of Magento Go

Launched in February, 2011, Magento Go is a cloud-based e-commerce initiative aimed at offering support to small enterprises, warding off any comprehensive development and hosting by Magento. It focuses on the use of built-in modules and additional extensions, promoting small enterprises’ rapid entry to the global ecosystem with restricted flexibility and customization.

Magento Go to Magento Community Migration

Magento Go to Magento Community Migration

Although Magento is providing full customer support to all businesses built on Magento Go till Feb 1st 2015, you may still require some technical help! We can help you make this transition smooth and flawless.

It’s time now to migrate to better, improved and feature-rich platform – ‘Magento Community’ equipped with sufficient flexibility, customizability and scalability! A brand new opportunity to expand and upgrade your e-stores!

What is Magento Community Edition?

  • What is Magento Community Edition?
  • Website management and customization Feature
  • Easy checkout, shipping and payment Modules
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Google analytics and related reporting support
  • Effortless Product and catalog management

Are you ready to take this smart leap? We can help you through this process of migration!

Our Methodology

  • Export and Archive Your Data
  • Verify Access to DNS Settings
  • Prepare Your DNS Record Updates
  • Update Your DNS Settings On Your “Go Live” Date

Migration Process We Follow

  • Install and configure latest Magento CE setup on new server
  • Import Customer/Order/Catalog/Reports into Magento CE
  • Develop/Customize extension
  • Theme development/Customization
  • Select and customize your design
  • Setup payment options
  • Setup shipping options
  • Setup tax calculation
  • Set your store logo
  • Setup contact information
  • Launch mobile responsive store
  • Server Setup

It’s time to move to broader spectrum of market place. Don’t panic – there is sufficient time and support you can seek! We offer highly secure, perfect, without any data leakage and downtime migration solution for your e-store that require long awaited transition to next level of business!

Easy Tax Calculator Android Application for Calculate Tax Amount

4 Mar

Worried because the financial year is just about to end and you need to call up the accountant to know your tax liability? Well, your Android smart phone can be quickly turned into a useful calculator with our brilliant Easy Tax Calculator mobile application. We have created a user friendly and an easy to use Tax Calculator app.

It’s a simple tax calculator allow you to calculate tax amount from income amount. What’s more interesting is that our android mobile application can also be used when you go out for shopping. This App have User-friendly interface, Intuitive menu & Excellent UI design.

We have developed a smart android application that lets you calculate tax amount within seconds. Just enter the original price & tax percentage and that’s it!

You can store the result of calculation by using Save button in Menu. You can also clear calculation within just one click and start new calculation.

Click on History menu to see all stored result in a History page and you can review results as well. You need not be an expert to use our android application, it’s that simple to use.

Download Easy Tax Calculator App from Google Play Store of Biztech Consultancy and stop worried about Tax Calculation.

SMS Scheduler Android Application for Scheduling Messages

24 Feb

Today, an ever-increasing number of people send text messages via their smart phones. However, it might happen many times that you forget to send in some really important text messages to friends, family members, relatives, colleagues, business partners etc. So, how about a tiny-little android app that lets you send such important SMSs on time? Well, at Biztech Consultancy, we have carved out a wonderful android application that lets you schedule time for sending SMS.

Using this android mobile app, you can send messages on a daily, weekly etc basis without any hassles. Our android application is quite easy to install and use too. Once this gets installed, you can send unlimited text messages for different occasions such as festivals, birthdays, meetings etc to people in your circles.

User-friendly Android Mobile Application that Lets You Schedule & automatically send messages quickly & easily. You also can search contacts while scheduling an SMS and send messages to new number if a contact is changed.

User can view complete SMS details of scheduling messages. The users can edit a scheduled SMS details as well. User can get notifications when the SMS is sent successfully.

User able to see all scheduled SMS at one screen. The users can also edit/update/stop scheduled messages.

There is also an Archived SMS list that will store all the scheduled sent messages. This SMS Scheduler android application have Intuitive navigation panel, auto start feature once the device is rebooted etc.

User can save message settings, date & time formats as per they wants. We promise to make continuous enhancements to this application to meet your changing requirements.

Download SMS Scheduler App from Google Play Store of Biztech Consultancy and say goodbye to reminders and will never miss out on important dates & occasions.

Snake & Ladder Android Gaming Application by Biztech Consultancy

11 Feb

Snakes and Ladder is the simplest and best time killing indoor game with loads of fun. The game allows you to have the fun of catching the ladder, attacked by snake and sliding down and leading against your opponent and lot more. Almost everyone must have played this game at least once in their lifetime. Snakes and Ladder was one of the games included in the family of dice board games. It is known by different names in different countries and different ages but presently it is popular by the name Snakes and Ladder.

This App has HD graphics Snakes and Ladders Board and has two dice colors such as Red & White. The aim of the game is to be the first to reach the end by moving across the board from square 1 to square 100. You will travel the board from base to top, right, then left and so on.

Snake and ladders developed by Biztech Consultancy that can be played by one to two players. If you are alone then you can competes with AI. User can set player image and display it on the Game board as well.

Each player race their token from start to finish according to dice rolls, along a path. A player’s score decreases if he/she lands on a grid where there is a Snake and a player’s score increases if he/she lands on a grid where there is a Ladder. The Snakes and Ladder Android application has a very intuitive and easy to use User interface and has animated auto token movements.

Snake & Ladder app has 3 different Snakes and Ladders boards with different configuration. Appropriate board is displayed depending on the screen of the device. We provide board having 49, 64 and 100 grids. User can do mute sound with a single tap. We also offer Sound effects for Dice Roll, Snake bite, Ladder climbing, Token Movement and Background Music.

Download Snake & Ladder amazing classic game from Play Store of Biztech Consultancy and dive into your childhood memories.

SMS Vault Android Application for Private Messaging

4 Feb

SMS Vault is developed for all those people who want to keep the messages on their phones to themselves. It is an application for locking SMSs on your cell phone by using a chosen pattern. SMS Vault makes it easy to have a full control over the messages privacy and provides the app users the control over who sees what on their phones. It provides you a wonderful experience of private messaging and private texting.
SMS Vault 1
Biztech Consultancy developed the SMS Vault application with a neat, clean and easy to use user interface. The application is highly secure and only the allowed users are given access to view the private boxes. All incoming messages for hidden conversations go directly to SMS VAULT.
SMS Vault 2
By using this App, you can made any number from your phone directory to private. SMS VAULT provides you the control over who sees what on your phone. If user will send message to any private number using native or default messaging application, then it will automatically goes to private box instead of displaying in inbox of native messaging application.
SMS Vault 3
This application secures app user’s private text messages by putting conversations in a Vault. Once the app user adds any thread in private box, then all future SMSs from same contact name will automatically go to private box. Thread and Conversation can be moved to password protected Private box from that you can view, lock or delete the Message.
SMS Vault 4
SMS Vault Android Application have Pattern based Security. User can Set or Change the Pattern. In case User forgot their Pattern then they recover it via mail to their configured email address.
SMS Vault 5
User Can Setting up their Settings such as Enable or Disable notification & dialogue on incoming message, Custom message for notification of incoming message.
Whenever an SMS from a private number is received, the app user is shown a notification mentioning that an SMS from a private number is received. The App user will be asked the secure pattern to view and open the SMS.
Download SMS Vault App and stop worrying about your private messages falling into the wrong hands.


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