Top 5 PHP Frameworks for Building a Magnificent Website

19 Sep

PHP is an open source server side scripting language, mainly for creating websites and web applications that uses dynamic databases. Being a robust, server side application it offers multiple functionalities in the development such as strong system security and easy functions. As PHP websites are highly interactive, applications and websites created using this platform have been used at a wider scale in the technology driven world.


Below are the PHP frameworks that are used for PHP website development due to their distinct features and functionalities.

5 Core PHP Frameworks:

    • CodeIgniter
      It is one of the simplest frameworks that don’t require any configurations. It expedites the project compared to writing code from scratch. It offers a rich set of libraries for various tasks, with a simple interface and logical structure to access these libraries. It reduces the number of code required for a given task.
    • Yii
      Yii is written in PHP5 and mainly used for rapid web application development. It offers interesting features like component based, event-driven programming, database management, localization of application, international availability, and modular application architecture.
    • Symfony
      This is a PHP application development that consists of a flexible architecture that makes it popular in web developers’ community. It aims to make robust applications that offer developers a full control over the configuration, from the directory structure to the libraries – almost everything can be customized.
    • CakePHP
      CakePHP is an open source platform, powered by PHP. With this platform, programmers tend to build robust and reliable web applications, as it is equipped with all the required features and functionalities, like implementation of plug-ins, extensions, themes, modules, integration, customization, multiple payment gateway support etc.
  • Zend
    This PHP framework is quite simple, robust and secure web development platform, which has gained much popularity amongst PHP developers around the world. It allows you to perform quick and easy task of PHP development focusing on building web 2.0 applications.

From the wide range of PHP frameworks stated above, you can choose depending upon your requirement. All PHP web development frameworks follow the Model View Control (MVC) coding format that contains a Model layer for database application, View layer for the implementation of the graphical user interface and Controller layer of your business logic.

Top 15 Features Your Ecommerce Website Must Have

18 Sep

Having a great eCommerce site is the most advanced and trendy way to trade online and reach out a wider spectrum of target audience today. But is having an appreciate and attractive eCommerce site is all that need to be successful in today’s fast paced and ever changing global marketplace. What you eCommerce website must have is of the essence. It’s time to know what your website must have to gain popularity and generate decent revenue! Let’s have a look at the checklist of must-haves for your e-store.


  • Appealing Theme
    The overall appearance of your e-store is highly impactful. More visually appealing it is, better sales conversion expected. Don’t mess up your text with the images. Get the best color scheme, suitable for your business.
  • Fast Load Time
    You may lose 40% of your shoppers if your E-commerce Website loads in more than three seconds. It also annoys Google and other search engines. Test load times with Page Speed before it goes live.
  • Mobile Optimized
    Today more than 55% of people shop from mobile devices. Make sure your store is mobile optimized, which is designed specifically for tablet or smartphone. Responsive design can help engage your customers through mobile too.
  • Calls-to-Action
    Your customers must know what to do! A call-to-action must appear once on each page that should lead customers to make a purchase or to gather more information.
  • SEO Tools
    You cannot forget search engine optimization tools else it will not generate a good number of sales. There are so many to choose from:

    • On-Page SEO Tools
    • Link building tools
    • Open Link Data Sources
    • Page ranking tools
    • Link Building Toolkits
    • Keyword Research
  • Easy Checkout
    Do you know 60% of buyers abandon websites because of complicated payment process? Ensure this must not happen in your e-store. There should be step-by-step direction for buying, if you really want to sell products.
  • Secure Payment Gateways
    Consumers are suspicious about the payment data leakage when shopping online. Just ensure you have integrated most secure and safe payment gateway. Your shoppers must not feel that their information is going in the wrong hands. Popular security providers are Veri-Sign and GeoTrust.
  • Discount Engine
    A discount engine could be great to entice your customers, either in percent or in price. This can encourage your shoppers to buy to enjoy discounts.
  • Store LocatorStore locator can help your customers verify the existence of your business, and can also encourage some customers purchase directly from your physical retail store.
  • Blog
    Having blog may receive up to 55% more views compare to sites without it. This helps promote your site in search engines and also helps build trust with buyers. It will also talk about your business in detail and make them feel safe when buying from your website.
  • Social Media Links
    Social media channels are the trendiest way for promoting businesses. Integrate social sharing buttons on your site, or else you may miss out great returns.
  • Customer Reviews
    People search for product reviews before making any buying decision. This makes it more important that your website should have a customer review section to keep buyers in one place.
  • Education
    Keep your customers engaged in the conversation going in your website by constantly educating them about your products and services. You can use how-to videos, whitepapers, tutorials, and ebooks. It will also position you as an expert in your domain.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Brainstorm and create a FAQ from which your customers can get answer to their confusions. Instead of emailing or calling you, customer will view the FAQ page and find the answer to their questions.
  • Cross-selling & Up-selling Tools
    Up-selling is to offer a product greater in value than the product they are going to buy. Cross-selling is to sell items complementary to the purchased product. This tool is available in any suitable shopping cart technology. Ensure that your shopping cart solution provide these tools.

These are some of the most necessary factors that your eCommerce website must have to excel. The needs of your site may not be limited to these, but it will surely get them in place.

.bharat – A New Domain Name Launched by India Government

15 Sep

The India Government launched a new domain name .bharat in devanagari script that will cover other eight languages including Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi and Konakni etc. This has paved way for those individuals who are willing to own a website with Hindi domain name and they would be able to register their domain names in Hindi.

dot bharat domain

In future, the government is going to make this domain name available in all Indian Languages. The government also has plans to connect 60,000 villages with boardband this year and 1 lakh each year in next 2 years through National Optical Fiber Network (NOFC). This will surely herald a new era of revolutionary eCommerce in the mainstream Indian economy.

CakePHP Offers Unbiased Website Solutions

8 Sep

CakePHP, an open source platform, is available for free and is powered by PHP. Using this platform, programmers tend to build robust and reliable web applications, as it is equipped with all the required features and functionalities.

Biztech CakePHP
CakePHP Application Development includes the implementation of plug-ins, extensions, themes, modules etc. required for developing a power packed website. Integration, customization, multiple payment gateway support etc. are the additional objectives that it considers.

Top Reasons to Use CakePHP

Requires Less Time in Building Application
It uses code generation and scaffolding features to build the application in short time span.

Needs No Configuration
It does not require any complicated XML or YAML files. You just need to setup your database for cake bake phase of the whole development process.

Has Got a License
This framework has acquired a license fulfilling the terms of MIT license which makes it usable for commercial applications.

Utilities Included
Various code translations, database access, caching, validation, authentication etc. are built into the original PHP MVC frameworks.

Simple MVC Conventions
This platform supports a set of conventions that guides you in developing your application.

Highly Secure
This platform contains in-built tools for input validation, CSRF protection, form tampering protection, SQL injection prevention, and XSS prevention that would offer you a safe and secure application.

Simple Conversion Process
Design conversions from different platform to CakePHP are made quite simple and easy. Conversions from PSD designs, HTML code etc. can be done flawlessly.

Essential Factors of CakePHP

Integration of your existing solution with this platform features lets you enjoy the latest features of CakePHP in your application. Outcome of this integration leads to flawless solution with frameworks like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Yii, and CodeIgniter.

CakePHP makes customization very easy and affordable as its concepts are based on Ruby Rails and architecture built on MVC. Expert developers can transform your existing CakePHP application into an upgraded and refined version seamlessly.

CakePHP Application Development needs profound technical expertise offered by the professional developers. They would convert your innovative ideas into excellent MVC architecture for any web solution. Regardless for any business, hiring a professional developer for building an aesthetic solution meeting the business requirements would prove to be a brilliant decision.

Benefits and Precautions While Upgrading your Store to Magento 1.9 Version

6 Sep

As constant innovations hitting the Magento Development world, there’s been an immense increase in the demand for the most advanced versions of the software. Different versions of this platform come with features making it convenient for the web developers to develop websites and apps for serving different purposes. The latest update has come in the form of 1.9 Version. This upgrade has been considered a tricky task. Here are a few simple steps that can help upgrade your store from Magento version 1.8 to 1.9.
Magento 1.9
Benefits to Upgrade

Are you aware of the benefits of Magento upgrade? The most popular benefits include:

  • Improved features of shopping to support editing of product configurations
  • Enhanced import/export features and functionalities for products and customers
  • Magento CE 1.9 offers a completely responsive web design, transforming the website a perfect fit for mobile devices
  • Better e-store performance along with secure checkout process
  • Better speed and optimization

Test Environment

It is recommended opting for the right test environment as your website might stop functioning during the upgrade.

You must also ensure that your hosting caters to the Magento requirement as it is a resource demanding platform.

Steps to Take Before Upgradation

Enable Maintenance Mode
It is quite important for you to develop a parallel development system, which should be similar to the existing production system.

Take Backup of your Database and Directories
It is advisable to take a complete backup of your Magento e-store’s directories and database to prevent any loss of crucial information during the upgrade process. Once done, ensure to follow all the upgrade steps religiously.

Start with Upgrade Process

Now you can start with the upgradation steps by entering necessary command in the command prompt.

With the completion of the upgrade process, you’ll view a list of modules with tags “already installed” and “package upgraded”. Once done, you need to ensure that your permissions are set back to normal.

Check Store’s Compatibility with Third-party Extensions

Before shifting your e-store to the new version, you must check if the same is compatible with different third-party extensions on your e-commerce website.

It’s time Now to Go Live

Once you are through with the final step in Magento version upgrade process, remove any security flags to make the site available for the general public.

Hope it will help you take the right decision of migrating to the latest version of Magento 1.9 not without taking all necessary steps avoiding, which your site may go haywire.

SugarCRM with Magento Platform Integration – A Great Way to Manage Customer Relationship

27 Aug

Magento, a feature-rich eCommerce platform, being built on open-source technology, offers online merchants excellent flexibility and control over the look, feel and content of the website along with functionality for their e-stores.

SugarCRM with Magento Platform Integration

SugarCRM empowers enterprises to acquire and retain customers by offering improved proficiency and control over their sales pipeline. Being an open-platform cloud-based Customer Relationship Management solution, it is easily customizable, thus cater to the organization’s dynamic needs. It offers a competitive edge to the enterprises by providing with a 360-degree view of their customers and helping them to streamline their marketing strategies.

Why Should You Integrate SugarCRM with Magento

In today’s e-commerce platform consistent analysis of customer behavior has become imperative for any e-Commerce store to improve buyer experience and turn more browsers into buyers.

Appropriately managed and nurtured customer relationships can allow enterprises to integrate sales, promotional activities and customer service business functions to yield the best value out of each customer interaction and activities. Magento is packed with various features that can help to manage customers, but it is not a fully-fledged Customer Relationship Management system that can manage the CRM wholly. Under these circumstances, integration of Magento with SugarCRM can work in collaboration adding value to the online store functioning.

Magento SugarCRM Integration enables companies to track customer’s behavior by the products purchased and also catapult repeat sales, brand loyalty, conversion rates, and social media involvements in an integrated database.

Advantages this Integration Bring

This integration is very valuable and functions seamlessly. It helps in generating lead by studying customer choice and trend through SugarCRM based on buyer actions on Magento based web-store. With right customization, given the specific business needs, you can realize following benefits from Magento-SugarCRM integration.

  • Track buyers and enhance conversions rate
  • Promote products on real-time to web-store visitors
  • Study consumer behavior by evaluating popular searches, tags & ratings, most viewed pages, most visited products, most selling products and several other consumer insights
  • Target prospects through email marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Analyze market, forecast buying trends and introduce discounts or help for right products and services

It’s all about customer relationship and organizing it successfully with the integration of these two platforms. It not only aids to the proper functioning of the e-store but it can also help in delineating the right marketing strategies. Several online merchants are integrating this combination to add value to their business.

6 Innovative Magento Integration Solutions

11 Aug

The demand for Magento Development has increased in recent years. This is a standalone platform to add functionalities to a website. Professional web developers are well versed in various platform integration with Magento.

Magento Integration Solutions

    • Magento CMS Integration
      Developers are experts in integrating Magento with CMS based websites. The vendors hold the proficiency in integrating with Drupal or Joomla CMS based websites. They also indulge into setting up sites that have powerful e-commerce applications and easy to use CMS.


    • Magento ERP Integration
      Vendors also provide a seamless ERP integration into the Magento stores. This allows the customers to maximize the effectiveness of their stores, keep it up-to-date and enable centralized access of data across the whole business. This helps them grow their online business.


    • Facebook Integration with Magento
      This includes adding a Facebook ‘Like’ button to an online store’s product pages to allow customers to show their appreciation for individual products. It includes integrating a widget of the latest news from a store’s Facebook profile.


    • Magento WordPress Integration
      The integration service enhances both WordPress and Magento implementation. On merger of WordPress and Magento, advantages of both the platforms can be enjoyed.


    • Magento Payment Gateway Integration
      Magento professionals are experts in integrating online stores with payment gateways.


    • Magento Quickbooks Integration
      This Magento Quickbooks Integration helps merchants to connect their online store’s data to accounting data from Quickbooks. On predefined intervals the synchronization process is performed for keeping the data at both the fronts updated.


    Integrating Magento with an ERP application, CRM solution or with WordPress is very common to meet the customer requirements. There are several other integration solutions provided by magento developers for reducing the complexity of an e-commerce website and to meet the expected outcome. Hire the best professional, given your business needs, and watch the results.


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