Apple Would Create a History on 20th October 2014

20 Oct

After the launch of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, apple is ready with new gifts to be distributed among its fans. Yes, you read it right! Apple would again be in limelight due to the sack of products it has got to offer.

Let us see, what the sack really has, iOS 8.1 (the first dotted version after iOS8, Apple Pay. These are the two most awaited updates since the first news that gave an insight of its features. It’s time for the Apple fans to celebrate like never before.

As stated in the release note from the officials, Apple Pay would make the money transaction simple and easy. You can now pay using your finger prints, also known as touch ID. Apple claims such transaction to be highly secure to be used. It can be compatible with any NFC devices around.

iOS 8.1 would be made available from Monday, 20th Monday, 2014. Devices range including iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, all iPads except first-generation models, fifth-generation iPod Touch, third-generation Apple TV and newly launched iPhone 6 and 6 Plus can be updated to this new version.

The updated version of iOS would include iCloud Photo Library. It’s the feature that allows you to backup the photos to the iCloud or use this service as your primary storage, clearing up the space on the devices. Even the current iOS version holds this feature but with some limitations

From Monday, every user would be able to use it seamlessly. Thus, this version is expected to cover-up the issues with the older version.

For all the Apple fans, only few hours left for the celebration. How exciting!

Google Found Vulnerability in SSL 3.0

20 Oct

Three researchers from Google have stated in a report regarding the online security bug called POODLE (Padding Oracle on Downgraded Legacy Encryption).

After a bug called “HeartBleed” detected in April in SSL technology, “Shellshock” in the tool called Bash used by Unix OS, found in September; it’s the consecutive third time this year that a serious bug known as PODDLE is found in SSL 3.0 encryption technology.

Google is spreading awareness not to use this protocol. This attack allows hackers to track and replace the potential data being sent and received through a HTTPS session. Thus, Google warns every admin to patch-up all the data exploiting the newly discovered security hole.

Google, for securing all the web servers, suggests a technical review; and suggested to remove the support of SSL 3.0 from all client software.
“SSL version 3.0 is no longer secure. Browsers and websites need to turn off SSLv3 and use more modern security protocols as soon as possible”, said Mozilla.

Attackers would attack by “man-in-the-middle” strategy. They would place themselves between website and victim by approaches like creating rogue WiFi “hotspots” in Internet cafes and workplaces.

So, it is advisable to disable SSL 3.0 encryption standard as soon as possible to save yourself from the vulnerable web attack.

6 Magnificent Benefits of Product Development for Businesses to Excel

17 Oct

Moving forward into the internet era, businesses have now become tech savvy. Web based applications are trending now-a-days. Be it a small start-up or a corporate organization, web development companies serves every sized businesses with their products and web solutions. Product (software) development can be highly cost effective IT solutions for businesses.

6 Benefits of Product (Software) Development

Price Effective
Unlike traditional software, product development usually includes upgrades, maintenance and customer support. The developed product or software can be operated on a monthly subscription basis to avoid heavy cost.

Easy Deployment
The developed product or software just needs a browser and the internet connection to deploy and use. Web development companies usually offer a user manual that can guide you to deploy the product (software) easily.

Flawless Upgrades
Product (software) developed by professional developers can easily be upgraded to its newer version. Be rest assured about the timely upgrades as managing software updates and upgrades will be done by the service providers.

Backups and Data Recovery
Product development process includes the backups and data recovery process before every upgrade. This process needs tremendous accuracy as distinct businesses would have highly intensive and remarkably important data that needs to be preserved.

Highly Secured
Web professional takes care of the security issues as they are aware of the authentic and authorized data of the businesses. The product (software) delivered by the professional developers consist of encryption and decryption process for the confidential data. Thus, rest assured of the security issues, it will be taken care of.

Customer Relationship
The professional service providers believe in serving their customers the best product development solutions. They ensure that you are satisfied with the offered solution to retain a long term relation. “Once a visitor, always a customer” is what the solution providers follow.

Web solution of any business that has undergone product (software) development process, called system development life cycle (SDLC), may have faced many phases. Such products prove to be highly effective and efficient as SDLC process would make the development process accurate and simply flawless.

5 Indispensable Frameworks for Cross Platform Mobile Application Development

14 Oct

Cross Platform Mobile Development is a term which refers to the development of mobile application that can run on multiple operating systems. A company developing mobile applications implements their applications on native platforms like iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry/RIM etc. All the phone operating systems such as android, iOS etc. holds different architecture structures. Hence, developing such applications will cause massive trouble for the developers to accustom with distinct operating systems. Following platforms can lower down this trouble.

#Biztech Consultancy
Top 5 Open – Source Cross Platform Mobile Application Development Platforms

PhoneGap is considered the best cross platform mobile app development platform now-a-days. It is compatible with various mobile application development platforms. Developers, using this platform, implement the code structure using JavaScript, HTML and CSS code pieces. PhoneGap mobile app development platform is open source and free, so there are no licensing costs involved. It also allows easy access to hardware components like accelerometer, camera, sound etc.

This platform uses programming languages like HTML, Python, PHP and Ruby on rails. This is the only platform offering more than 300 API’s and easy access to information to its users. Appcelerator titanium caters the features like cross-platform app development and testing, comprehensive real-time mobile analytics for effective user engagement.

It’s an open-source platform used for developing mobile applications compatible with multiple operating systems like iOS, Android and WebOS. The application uses technologies like JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3. Its services include source code editing, collaboration, debugging, project management, versioning and distribution.

If you are a non-developer, this mobile application publishing platform suits you best. Majority of the beginner developers opt for this platform due to user-friendliness with less requirements for hardware. It offers WYSIWYG interface to allow the developers to drop app elements and attain the desired result easily.

This platform, being the advanced SDK (Software Development Kit) for cross platform mobile app development, offers advanced tools like libraries, runtimes, compilers etc. It supports C/C++, PHP, Python, Ruby, JavaScript and Java. Operating Systems like Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian and Mobile Linux distro can be served using this platform. Its latest version i.e. MoSync 2.4 would also support iOS and Blackberry.

Mobility has now become more of a necessity rather than just a luxury. In the era of mobile internet, people tend to use more and more web applications that are irrespective of operating systems. This need has given birth to numerous mobile applications development that is still going on.

Windows 10 Previews at a Glance!

10 Oct

Microsoft has announced Windows 10 OS launch recently. The previews and videos of this is available for tech savvy Microsoft fans. But the launch date is not yet revealed. No one would ever expect that Windows 10 would be the next version from Microsoft after Windows 8. “Windows 10 is power packed with some major (and long awaited) improvements”, said sources.

What’s big with Microsoft Windows 10?

The Start Menu

The start menu has been the most iconic feature of Windows series. With Windows 10, the start menu has returned which was lacking in some previous versions. A new customizable space for your apps and live tiles (works as shortcuts and gives real-time notification) is also been appended with the new version.

Easy Interface

Unlike earlier versions, Windows 10 (launched by Microsoft technology), no more displays huge tiles on the startup screen. You can now organize items on your start-up screens. You can also switch to a tablet mode for using your touch screen computer without using a mouse and a keyboard.

Virtual Multitasking Desktops

The view of virtual desktops, a newly added feature, can be triggered with a new ‘task view’ button, which allows a user to start a virtual desktop. The task bar can now be customized with a different look i.e. relevant to desktop views, including work and home modes. The programs opened in the virtual desktops would continue to run in the background. This would challenge the memory management systems but at the same time increases potential productivity of Windows.

Store Apps Open in Windows

Windows Store apps can now be opened in the same format as that of desktop apps. They can easily be resized and dragged anywhere. There is also a title bar at the top that would allow maximizing or minimizing or terminating of the program with a single click. Start menu can also be resized in this new version.

Background Enhancements

This version allows having four apps snapped on the same screen with a quadrant layout. It will smartly decide which running app should be filled in the available screen space.


Windows 10 would offer a free upgrade or may charge a nominal fee for it.

New Keyboard Shortcuts added to the List

Snapping window (shifting between the quadrants)
Windows key + Left or Right. It can be used with UP or DOWN to get into quadrants.

Task view
Windows + Tab. New Task view opens without pressing the enter key.

Create new virtual desktop
Windows key + Ctrl + D

Close current virtual desktop
Windows key + Ctrl + F4

Switch virtual desktop
Windows key + Ctrl + Left or Right

The new version of Windows series that would launch in late 2015 would capture the market focus for sure. Windows 10 will run on the broadest amount of devices. A tailored experience for each device. There will be one way to write a universal application, one store, one way for apps to be discovered purchased and updated across all of these devices – as per Terry Myerson, Microsoft Executive VP of Operating Systems.

7 Phases of System Integration Life Cycle

9 Oct

A process to contact distinct systems that ensures that integrated system would function flawlessly with the other one. This process allows the coordination of different computing systems and software applications functionally. System integration mainly contains seven distinct and crucial phases.
7 Phases of System Integration Life Cycle

Requirement and Specification
Before initiating to working on the actual system integration ; list out the detailed requirements given by the customer. Efficiency is required in framing the requirements of both the systems that are to be integrated to make this process easy and seamless.

Feasibility Analysis
Once the requirements, definitions and specifications referencing the systems to be integrated are listed down, feasibility analysis takes place. The feasibility study includes complete analysis of the system integration project based on the intense research to support the decision making process.

Architecture and Development
This is the system construction phase which includes system architecture plan regarding how the system should be integrated to the other comprehensive system. Blueprints of the integration plan are created that also includes the proposed architecture plan and much more.

Management Plan
Once the complete plan of system integration is released, this phase comes into existence. Risk factor calculations, project execution plan, alternative listing etc. are the processes conducted in this phase.

System Integration Design
This is probably the fifth step of system integration life cycle that includes logical and physical designs created for the system that are to be integrated. Preliminary designs, detailed designs, system tests etc. are the processes included in this phase.

Once the system design is ready, it is verified implemented and thoroughly. Before deploying the integrated systems, it is tested to give error free solution to the customer. In case of errors, the system is again verified by the integrators making it error free. The final report consists of error free integrated system.

This is the final step where the functioning of the integrated system is checked thoroughly. The evaluation phase includes checking, maintaining, modifying and enhancing of the components.

System integration service offered by the professionals is 100% error free as they follow all the seven phases mentioned above. System integration is the process that requires extensive research. Only the perfect research results in the successful system integration. For instance, Magento & Quickbooks, Magento & SugarCRM, SugarCRM & QuickBooks, Magento & OpenERP etc. are the system integrations services provided by the services providers going through all the above phases.

6 Reasons to Rely on Cloud Computing for Businesses

6 Oct

Cloud computing is a technology that has replaced the ancient methodology of using applications or programs from the servers / desktops, with the internet cloud packed with the same services. Catering the internet based services through cloud would reduce the management of data at the local desktop and use a shared network. Business data, being crucial, needs security, which can be provided by the latest sharing technology named “Cloud Computing“.

Top 6 Reasons to Opt for this Technology

Any company using internet for their services would need more bandwidth; this technology can make it more flexible as it can meet the demand of vast capacity of service’s remote servers, furiously. This can be an absolute solution for the companies having heavy seasonal traffic and start-ups predicting fast future growth.

Disaster Recovery
Companies using this technology would hardly require the recovery plan as most of the issues faced are being taken care of by the technology instantly saving a lot of time i.e. it can do it four times faster as compared to the companies not using this technology.

Automatic Software Updates
Earlier managing of on-site security and updates were done by the companies itself, but with the arrival of Cloud Computing services, management task is carried out by the cloud computing service suppliers, saving significant time and resources.

Capital Expenditure Free
This technology usage does not demand any capital expenditure as it offers a facility of pay-as-you-use. It is very simple to deploy, companies face minimal project start-up costs and predictable ongoing operating expenses.

Work from Anywhere
Employees of the company are unbounded by the geographical location for their work. All they need is just the internet connection. This would greatly enhance the work-life balance improving their work productivity.

Document Control
Companies can now manage all files at a central location allowing multiple employees to access and work upon this central copy at the same time. Everyone works on the central copy efficiently, thus whole process makes collaboration stronger improving a company’s bottom line.

The extremely flexible nature of the Cloud Computing has encouraged most of the businesses to use it. Its major advantage is reaching up the core database remotely, from any location. Hence, Cloud Computing is simply the future of businesses.


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