Great Ecommerce Strategies to Improve Conversion Rates

25 Mar

Conversion is a term holding great significance for any business. In any Magento store, the whole process, right from the visitor entering the store till he checks out, is the actual process to get the conversions. How easy is the checkout process of your Magento store depends on the conversion rate your online store receives! Well, the store design also matters a lot. If your Magento store front is highly attractive then there are chances that your online store might receive more conversions.

Ecommerce Strategies to Improve Conversion

Let us check some of the strategies that can bring whole lot of difference. There are certain guidelines that can help your Magento store to leverage the increasing number of customers. Give your customers the best shopping experience by practicing these guidelines mentioned in this post.

Strategies for Getting High Conversion Rate

Recommend Upgraded Products

While your customers are about to reach the checkout process, offer them an opportunity to select from the related products they have opted to buy. It is possible that they might also like the other recommended products and they might either replace the product in the cart with any other better and upgraded product or they might buy more than one products also. It can give you an opportunity for up selling that will add new source of revenue to your business.

Have a Good Product Summary

Shoppers coming to your Magento store are expecting brief summary of the product and its capabilities. Customers rely on the eCommerce websites having a good and brief summary of the products. Placing a product video is also a very good way to attract customers towards your Magento store.

Simple Checkout Process

Make your checkout process so simple that your customers can checkout in few clicks. Fewer the clicks, larger the conversion rate would be. Another solution is using multiple pages you can simplify the entire checkout process by displaying its phases and it can also indicate till which stage the customer has reached. This method is effective if you want to make your checkout process simple and clean.

Allow Customers to Print or Email their Invoices

Once the checkout process is completed, you can provide an option to your customer to print the invoice of the purchase made. Offer this facility to your customers to either print or email the invoice to your email id to keep track of the purchases made. This method builds a trust factor among the buyers and sellers.

Recommend Related Products before Checkout

This is another excellent shopping cart practice, which can be used to get better conversion, particularly in the field of electronics, where shoppers want to be absolutely sure they have everything they need to get the most out of their purchase. No one wants to find out too late that the item didn’t come with an adapter (or that one was recommended in the first place). So you can recommend all the related product to make the best of the product purchased to your customers. This cross selling will help you improve your revenue by selling more products.

There are various other strategies that can bring your Magento store terrific success. The tricks mentioned here are the basic ones benefitting the online store owners to avail huge conversion rate and leverage success.

Smart Ways to Create Simple and Interesting e-Learning System

24 Mar

The e-learning system must be simple and user-friendly and must be designed keeping this in mind. If it is taken into consideration while designing the layout of an e-learning program, the end users will surely learn whatever you’re trying to teach them. Let’s try to find out some smart tips that you can easily utilize to create a simple and user-friendly e-learning program to attract more learners.

Making e-Learning Process Simple

Do Not Complicate Scenarios/Topics

If you have planned to keep some e-learning scenarios for the learners to resolve, then you must ensure that everything you talk about is simple and easy to understand. In case you are going to present a question before the learners to resolve, better not to add lot of background detail information, it may confuse them. Just without beating about the bush go straightaway to the point of discussion. This will keep the learner focused and motivated to learn about the topic you have planned to discuss.

Explain Thoroughly New Terms of Concepts

There are several novel concepts/terms that you might introduce in the learning process. To make your learners actually understand the new procedures, processes, terms and other concepts that you might talk about for a while, you should ensure that you’re explaining it all properly to them. Do not make the process of learning too complicated by not explaining newer ideas properly.

Keep Concepts Realistic

All of the pieces of content that you are going to introduce during the learning process should be realistic. These realistic thoughts will offer the learners real thoughts that they can leverage while searching out ways to make their processes simple to understand. You should keep the relevant scenarios ready which you want to introduce with new concepts in your e-learning solution. This will make the points clear for the learners to understand and at the same time it’ll boost their morale to learn more about the concepts they are learning.

Test the Understanding of Learners

Often your learners may assume unique concepts, but it could be inaccurate also. To create a right and realistic concept about some specific aspect you need to test and challenge the thinking of the learners. You must correct the learners by enabling them understand all the necessary concepts that needs to be introduced. If things are cleared at the initial stage to everyone, it becomes a whole lot easier to help them see just what is for real.

Consider the Need of your Learners

You cannot forget to understand the motivation of the learners that encouraged them to come to the e-Learning system. Learn to understand why they want to learn and also what you want to get out of the e-learning program. If you can understand these things, it will be easy for you to offer your learners what they have come looking for and at the same time you will also be able to fulfill your objectives of introducing the e-learning system.

Just ensure you maintain the simplicity of the e-learning process irrespective of the concepts you wish to introduce. Do not make things clumsy and tough or else learners won’t be able to actually learn anything.

Can Buyers’ Persona Can Improve Sales – Check it Out!

23 Mar

For any business to perform excellently, knowing their customers thoroughly is a crucial aspect. If the business owners focus on the process of getting aware about the choice, behavior and needs of their buyers to get the desired outcome in the form of sales ratio, they can succeed tremendously. They might practice many strategies to bridge the gap between the buyers and sellers to receive notable success.

Improve Sales - Check it Out

Let us have some insights into the ways using which, any enterprise can perform well. All the startup enterprises, medium sized enterprises and corporate enterprises can excel to an extent following these tips.

Ways That Affect Sales

Search the Right Buyers

Depending on the type of solutions you offer – startup solution, medium size solution or corporate solution you can try the strategies that are beneficial for their business goals. If you’re clear about your requirements, the task of seeking the target buyers becomes very simple and easy. If the type of buyers you need to focus on is set, the error, like wasting unnecessary time on delivering the right message to the wrong group of people, can be avoided.

Sales persons should be trained accordingly to find the correct targeted audience for any particular products. By doing this, the marketing process can be completed in less time. List out the characteristics of the buyers needed to promote your product and build the marketing strategy that can bring success to your enterprise.

Bond the Sales and Marketing Processes

Though sales and marketing look similar at a glance, both are the different terms with different procedures when deployed. Perfectly built marketing strategies can impact the sales ratio tremendously. Such marketing strategies can help your enterprise explore opportunities to perform excellently. Bridge the gap between the processes of sales and marketing as they directly depend on each other.

Research intensely to find the key areas you can focus on to taste success. Considering these key points you can build strategies that can work perfectly well to get the desired outcome.

Above mentioned two ways can help you taking your enterprise on the path of success. Following the predefined guidelines can get you a road map that can lead you to long lasting success.

Tips to Increase your ROI through CRM Implementations

21 Mar

SugarCRM is considered to be one of the most effective CRM software for managing impeccable business processes effectively. Having the best CRM platform itself is not sufficient to increase conversions and traffic. If you offer them a delightful and engaging experience with great CRM solutions that can be customized as per the given requirements, can surely take your enterprise to a competitive and enviable level.


Ways to Earn ROI through CRM Implementations

Select Open Source

The best idea is to select a CRM solution that is open source. There are many benefits of choosing an open source CRM like customization anywhere and anytime, modification can easily be made and much more. You should select an open source CRM solutions like SugarCRM to avail all the benefits it offers.

Increase User Adoption

Include your users while designing the SugarCRM solution to offer them the best user experience. Take inputs and suggestions from the users of the CRM application, prior to starting implementation of CRM solution.

Save Cost on CRM Product

SugarCRM is an open source solution, which can help in saving the cost of CRM customization. You only need to pay the license fees charged for using the base solution defined for any enterprise. Once you implement the SugarCRM solution, further customization is done for free. The saved money can be invested for implementation process.

Consider Automation

With manual working, chances of getting errors are high, which makes it unreliable and ineffective. Automating the process can reduce the rate of getting errors. Use automation to increase the efficiency of your CRM solution.

Check System Integration

To increase ROI of your business, check the integrations of the system in your company. In case you have multiple systems, you can integrate and sync between different systems to reduce the duplication and make a single copy of crucial data and processes carried out in the company.

By trying the ways mentioned in this article, your company can earn notable ROI. You can even outsource your CRM solution requirements to Web Development Company having years of experience in building excellent CRM solutions.

Real Estate Portal – Changing Face of Online Realty Market

20 Mar

Global economic upheaval has made real estate industry one of the most happening sectors of late. This segment of global economy has always been the one of the major contributor to the global mainstream economy. Selling, buying or renting property has been the most popular activities that have been conducted for years. Over the years this industry has witnessed several changes that have actually transformed the way of functioning by people involved in this sector. Technology has been the major factor impacting the overall functioning!

Real Estate Portal

Internet has influenced the buying approach of the customers over years and helped them have access to all types of properties online without actually visiting the site. This has apparently, changed the behavior of buyers and helped property firms reach out wider range of customers through real estate portal.

Before online availability of property portals, buyers mostly depend on property brokers and other sources of information. But in the current scenario the tendencies have taken a somersault and the property market has reached wider spectrum of customers whereas earlier it was limited to local realtors.

With the whopping 50 million plus user base, online property portals are out to revolutionize the realty sector.

Insights into Real Estate Portal

Online real estate portals are a platform for sharing information pertaining to property. Such portals have a broad listing of residential and commercial property; renting, buying, and selling options; other suggested options for property registrations, property laws, property loans, including property news. This trend has introduced portals – widely acceptable medium for real estate transactions.

Seller Side Story

The property seller, i.e. the supply side segment has more than one reason to follow this trend of relying on online property terminals, which includes:

  • It offers a better platform for description advertisement vis-a-vis space restricted print ads.
  • Online portal is much cost-effective compared to other modes of advertisements.
  • It is coupled with many added features i.e. online database, virtual walk through, uploading video clips, archives of listings, and many more.
  • Internet is the most interactive medium of advertising as it works as a bridge between the sellers and the potential buyers via chat messengers, etc.
  • It offers better and wide exposure to targeted buyers and offers quantifiable returns.

Buyer Side Story

The property buyers, standing on the demand side of segment also find internet the most affordable and a feasible way of finding property as:

  • Online portals are convenient and time saving to look for available property than actually visiting real estate brokers.
  • It cuts down on the dependability on third parties as all the critical information is now available online.
  • There is huge chunk of property listing that are usually greater than what you can expect with property agents as they are limited to regional or particular area.
  • The portal also offers relevant search and analytical comparison between properties based on localities.
  • Buyers can make online transactions, after viewing featured galleries and walking through vacant properties.
  • Now tenants and landlords interact online for best mutual deals. This has promoted the concepts of ‘automated transactions’ and ‘smart buildings’. It includes automated rent payment by tenants to the apartment owners and commercial builders, placing online the work order requests, listing facilities management, etc.

The surge to creating a system that brings the buyer and the seller on the same platform is the trendy concept that has already started to mobilize. It is going to add more connectivity, convenience and high-tech approach in the property market in the days to come. Having online real estate portal is the ideal property marketplace for buyers and sellers of next generation.

Top 5 CRMs that can be integrated with Magento

19 Mar

Magento is the most popular open source Content Management System platform for eCommerce development solution. This open source platform is a power packed solution for enterprises seeking growth of business over internet. It is serving its customers worldwide since 2001 and insights remarkable achievements in the era of eCommerce.

Top CRMs

Top 5 CRMs that can be integrated with Magento


Salesforce is one of the most widely used CRM systems. It is a cloud marketing platform. This CRM is used for streamlining the sales process for better communication between salespeople and marketing department. It offers state-of-the-art CRM software solution.


With SAP CRM solution, website owners can track the behavior of their customers. Thus, businesses can be made better by developing a better understanding towards your customers. It is packed with number of tools, essential for predicting purchase behavior. This CRM also analyses social media presence and supports proactive engagement online.

Microsoft Dynamic CRM

Microsoft Dynamic CRM makes the best use of business procedures for creating personalized marketing campaign for customers. The tracking tools present in this system fulfills customer requirements. With this CRM, you can keep pace with customers and their need that change over time.


SugarCRM is the best open source CRM serving enterprises with the excellent features for managing sales and marketing programs. Majority of the business owners rely on this platform for creating business applications that help in acquiring wide range of customers.

Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRM is again an open source Customer Relationship Management system, which offers multitude of services for enterprises of all size. The solution offered by this CRM can easily be customized, integrated or modified with other application, given the user requirements.

Above listed are the top 5 CRMs that can be integrated with a brilliant eCommerce development solution platform – Magento. Select any one given your business requirements and create a success story once integration is accomplished.

Magento VS PrestaShop

18 Mar

Online shopping is the current trend of eCommerce era. There are many platforms that offer excellent eCommerce solutions. Magento and PrestaShop are the two major open source platforms that provide solution given the specific needs of online store owners. This post is a comparative statement to provide better insight into the type of platform that may suit your requirements for building an online store.

magento vs prestashop
Quick Insights

Magento and PrestaShop being popular eCommerce frameworks are the future of eCommerce landscape. Let us checkout, what makes them so reliable?

Why Magento?

Magento offers plenty of features that can make the web development task simple and easy. The flexibility it offers can help you change the look, content, function strategy etc. of your online store. Websites, made using Magento, are search engine friendly.

Magento eCommerce platform is packed with myriads of modules and extensions and so management of eCommerce website has become very easy. Professional developers have found that this platform can satisfy all the business requirements.

Why PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is also an open-source eCommerce solution with multitude of features. This platform supports numerous themes and modules to make your store equipped with attractive looks and excellent features. PrestaShop platform can be used to develop online store for small to medium size enterprises.

This platform supports multilingual eCommerce development in around 40 languages. You can get immediate solutions for all the issues from the developers’ community.

Attractive Gains

With multitude of features, Magento and PrestaShop are the platforms used widely. Let us check what benefits they offer?

Benefits of Magento
  • Magento does not have any compatibility issues
  • Magento is supported by an expert technical support team / developer community
  • Magento provides custom features and options along with more themes
  • Magento offers unique SEO based features
Benefits of PrestaShop
  • PrestaShop software is easy to install
  • PrestaShop does not have much configuration requirement
  • Customization in PrestaShop is easy
  • PrestaShop offers better search capabilities
  • PrestaShop is supported by support forums
  • PrestaShop platform can be deployed quickly
Final Words

Magento and PrestaShop are the two most popular eCommerce platforms offering myriads of robust and useful features. Let us have a look at the reasons you should choose one of these?

Should You Choose Magento?

Are you seeking a solution which can give you full control on customizing the online store? Do you own a large business which is difficult to manage? If yes, then Magento is the perfect choice for you.

Should You Choose PrestaShop?

Do you own a small or a mid-size enterprise? Are you looking for a user friendly and cost effective option for building eCommerce solution? If yes, then PrestaShop is the option that suits your requirements perfectly.

No matter which platform you select – Magento or PrestaShop, you need appropriate hosting service that suits the platform you selected. Get in touch with us and get the best-in-class hosting service for your desired eCommerce solution.


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