Integrate eCommerce with WordPress for Outstanding Results

eCommerce – The current e-shopping trend, and WordPress – The absolute blogging solution are the two biggest platforms retaining top slot in the online media. Why are they so much popular? What makes them the ultimate web solution for online stores having strong and powerful Content Management System? Well, the answers to these questions are hidden in the number of features they offer. Online shoppers and bloggers are the most active internet users, for whom the internet is full of endless opportunities.


By integrating eCommerce platform with WordPress, you can get a highly effective web solution packed with myriads of features of eCommerce platform as well as WordPress CMS. Any eCommerce website needs a CMS for adding and modifying the content of the product present in the eCommerce website. Using CMS, managing content becomes simple and accurate with the changing trend of eCommerce website. WordPress CMS is so flexible that it can adapt with the exponential growth of eCommerce industry.

Let us check what this integration of eCommerce solution with WordPress CMS has to offer.

Benefits of eCommerce WordPress Integration

Content Management System

Content Management System for any eCommerce website is very crucial as “Content is the King”. Without content, excellent products, attractive website design, bumper deals and discount have no value at all. eCommerce website needs content to present their products and spread awareness about the latest updates, which establishes the significance of CMS system in any eCommerce website. Software companies offering WordPress web development service have in-depth knowledge about the current trends and so they include latest features and functionalities into the web solution to meet challenging business requirements.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic content i.e. adding fresh content regularly is the crucial necessity for web solution to sustain in the competition. Online store with old products and outdated content are not be crawled by search engines hence it cannot acquire top rank for shopaholics to view. It shows the importance of adding fresh stock regularly to add or modify the product related content frequently for better SER. Dynamic content also helps your online store gain good visibility in the search results of popular search engines. It helps website acquire desired website ranking.

Website Design

The best way to attract more customers towards your website is by displaying products in enticing manner. This can be done by adding product sliders, videos, custom search option, deals and discount area etc. Invite and engage more customers by making the store design attractive. Give your customers a delightful shopping experience through your online store and observe the exponential growth in profit margins.

By integrating WordPress CMS with eCommerce website, you can offer your customers the web solution, which is simply reliable having eCommerce as well CMS features and make their shopping experience unforgettable.

Top 10 Leadership Qualities


Leaders are born, not made! Do you believe in it?  It’s an ongoing debate for ages, but truth is – it depends how you want to accept it. I believe everyone is born with the capacity to be great! The only thing is identifying it and working in that line to make it happen. Of course, there is a lot of luck but this alone cannot make a leader. Your luck is destine, not your efforts and passion, it’s in your hand how you use it.

Transforming ideas into life is what separates the dreamers from the entrepreneurs. When money is tight, things are not moving the way you have expected, it’s easy to give up. Take a breath, calm down, and remember the leader you are and would like to become. Let’s have a quick insight on some key qualities that every good leader possesses!


Whatever high ethical values you hold yourself for, when you are accountable for a team, it’s necessary to raise the bar even higher. Your team and business are the reflection of yourself, and making ethical and honest behavior a core value can help your team follow the suit.

Try to jot down a list of values and beliefs that both you and your crew represent, and hang this in your office. Encourage a healthy and enthusiastic interoffice lifestyle, and inspire your band to live up to these standards. Emphasizing these standards, and manifesting them yourself, you will transform the office environment into a friendly and productive workspace.


What you want to achieve may seem clear in your mind, explaining it to someone else could often be tough. If you are facing problem in explaining things to others, then you may want to focus on brushing up your communication skills. Ability to clearly convey what you want done is very important. Training entrants and developing a productive work environment depends on effective lines of communication. An open door policy and making yourself available to communicate is vital. It helps your our team learn to trust and depend on you.

Task Delegation

Delegating tasks to the right people and departments is one of the most imperative skills you can have as your business grows. The key to right delegation is ascertaining the strengths of your team, and capitalizing on them. It will make their tasks more enjoyable, they will likely put more efforts and thought behind it. It will display your trust on them and it will also free up your time to devote on the higher level tasks.

Spice of Humor

Having courage to laugh at the mistakes instead of crying is often required. If you can learn to find the humor in the struggles, you can convert your work environment happier and healthier. Crack jokes with your people and encourage personal discussions of trips and short breaks. It’ll keep productivity levels high and morale higher. It breaks the ice and instantly makes the working simpler.


There are times when the future of your brand is unpredictable and things aren’t going as per plan. This is the time when you must keep up your confidence level, and assure all that setbacks are obvious and the important thing is to concentrate on the larger picture. Being the leader, by remaining confident and calm, help keep the team have the same feeling.  It will keep everyone working and moving forward.


There is no bigger motivation for the team than watching the boss working with other staff members. Displaying hard work on every level manifests your commitment to the brand and your role. It will not only earn the respect of your team, but will also inculcate hardworking energy among your team.  Showing your commitment to work at hand and to your promises is necessary. It will help you emerge as a fair leader. Once you have earned the respect of your staff, they are likely to deliver the best quality work possible.


All decisions may not always be clear-cut. You may be compelled to deviate from your set course and make a gut decision. Here your creativity will work for you. Your team will look to you for guidance under these circumstances and you may have to make a quick decision. Being a leader, it’s necessary to learn to think outside the box and to select which of two bad choices is the best choice. Give some thought to it, instead of choosing immediately. You can even turn to your team for guidance and suggestions.

Positive Attitude

Keeping the team motivated towards the continued success while keeping the energy level high is of essence. It may mean snacks, coffee, constructive advice, or even just quick refreshment in the office. Keep the office mood in sync with the productivity and playfulness. If your staff members are feeling happy and upbeat, surely they won’t mind staying that extra hour to complete a project, or contributing their best efforts to the brand.


Exploring uncharted waters may not have any roadmap what to do. Everything is uncertain and pressure is high. That is where your natural intuition comes into picture. Your team will look to you for guidance. Reaching out to your mentors for advice and drawing on past experience can be useful. It will be entirely your own discretion to decide and you may need to depend on your gut instinct for answers. Trusting yourself is as important as your team learning to trust you.


Developing an enterprise often requires a bit of forecasting. Especially in the initial stages of a startup, inspiring your team to see the vision of the successes in store is crucial. Inspiring your team is great for concentrating on the future goals. When you are all swamped in work, morale is low, and energy levels are diminishing, realize that everyone needs a break. Appreciate and acknowledge the work that each one of the team member has contributed. You need to keep spirits up, and that starts with an honest appreciation for the hard work.

These are some of the widely witnessed leadership skills that any great leader would posses helping its team to perform the best under all circumstances.  So, hone a few and watch the results!

Powerful Tips to Speed-up your CakePHP Website


CakePHP, being the leading website development platform offers great features and functions and it is one of the PHP frameworks performing excellently. By using this excellent web development platform for your business requirements, you can leverage the best out of this development solution by implementing easy and absolute strategies for your development process.

The rapid application development process might take more time, but the solution acquired by this development process is the fastest as compared to other development solutions. If you consider the aspects like performance, flexibility, adaptability, cost- effectiveness etc. PHP framework would surely win the battle among different development frameworks, as it a complete suite of all the features mentioned above.

Speed of the website should be the priority of any development solution. There are possibilities of your website gets slow due to some reasons. Let us find out what are such reasons that can make your website’s speed slow.

Tips for Better Website Performance

New Version not Updated

As the development framework may get many updates, which would consist of bug fixing, new feature addition etc. Your CakePHP website should be updated with the latest version for getting the best of your development solution. Relying on older version of development framework within your web solution will slow down the speed of your website. Upgrade the version of CakePHP web solution and offer your customers a delightful website accessing experience.

Debug Mode not Disabled

This is a very small yet important thing. Professional web developers are likely to forget disabling the debug mode. Thus forgetting to disable debug mode might result into slowing down the speed of CakePHP website. The code file named core.php contains different setting, which would affect the target environment and which is responsible for hiding the error messages. It does not store cache details and removes them every time the page is loaded, thus it makes the page load time faster.

Recursive Find Statements not Disabled

When you run a query having find() method, by default, recursion is set to 0. Thus the processing time of creating associative array, performing it into the loop and returning back takes more time and as a result page loading time increases. Many CakePHP websites crashes due to this mistake, so avoiding this case will reduce the chances of your website getting crashed.

Well, if you have made the mistakes mentioned above, and the speed of your website is slow due to any of the reasons listed here, you can resolve the issues, which might be a hindrance for your website to perform better.

Top 5 Amazing Android Cricket Games

For all the cricket fans, here is the good news, which would take you to cloud nine. They now have the reason to celebrate and enjoy the cricket season with their Android smartphones. Well, without wasting your time in reading the article, we would now break the suspense by introducing top 5 cricket games for smartphone users to keep the cricket fever on. With the range of cricket games mentioned below you can experience the gaming fun along with the cricket passion.


Top 5 Android Games for Cricket Fans

ICC PRO Cricket 2015

This mobile game is the official ICC World Cup game created and launched by India based Android game development company having supported by Android version 4.0 and above. With amazing features like gameplay cameras, intuitive batting and bowling controls, it offers you immersive and unmatched gaming experience. But the surprising fact is, it has been licensed by ICC Cricket World Cup, so unlike earlier, you can now actually play as any of your favorite player of your team.

Real Cricket 14

Real cricket is a mobile game supported by version 4.0 and above. With attractive animations and 2D art style, this compelling game has won the heart of millions of game lovers since its launch. It is been updated for keeping up the cricket fever in 2015. The controls of the game offers unique gaming experience while batting and bowling with the virtual buttons. Download the game from Google play store and take your gaming passion to new heights.

Cricket T20 Fever 3D

This smartphone game was launched few months back, which is supported by operating system version 2.3 and above. With this game, you can experience the T20 cricket game as well as other tournaments in your smartphone device itself. Gaming will now be more exciting as you can play this game in 3D with your smartphone.

Beach Cricket

Have you played cricket at the beach? No, here is the game offering great experience of playing cricket at the beach. We are sure, this game, supported on operating system version 2.3 and above, would completely amaze you with its features and functionalities. Heavy sand and wind are the challenges, which make players excited for their favorite game.

World Cricket Championship

The game called World Cricket Championship will test your playing skills when you compete with the best teams around the world. You need the mobile operating system version 2.3 and above to get the world class gaming experience through this exciting cricket game. You can make your team the next cricket champions of the world by winning the quarter-final, semi-finals and finals.

These cricket games are trending nowadays to keep up the cricket fever for cricket fans. When not watching the cricket match in front of your television, you can play cricket by downloading any of the amazing cricket games listed above and experience the delightful experience it offers.

What Makes SugarCRM so Popular?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the basic requirements of the modern businesses as it helps them grow tremendously by streamlining their functioning and improving customer management. An effective CRM solution is crucial for enterprises of all size. Managing business processes have become very simple and easy with SugarCRM software, which is one of the best CRM solutions, relied upon by renowned enterprises. This CRM platform adapts all kind of businesses very easily as it is more flexible as compared to other CRM platforms.

What Makes SugarCRM

Authorized users can access the CRM solutions anytime and anywhere as CRM solutions can also be stored on cloud. This CRM platform supports the Java-enabled web browsers and helps in building strong customer relationships among the clients and sales team to get the best out of your business. Create and avail new opportunities for guiding your business towards the new milestones of success.

Let us now check the benefits offered by the excellent platform of SugarCRM offering overwhelming CRM solutions for enterprises seeking compact CRM solution for fulfilling their complex requirements.

Story Behind SugarCRM Popularity
  1. No license fee or software buying cost incurs if you use SugarCRM for CRM solution as it is open source
  2. It holds thousands of tools for integration
  3. No technical expertise or experience is required for using this CRM platform
  4. CRM solutions offered by SugarCRM platform are easily customizable
  5. The document management feature is highly comprehensive for making the store management task simple
  6. Its sales management feature helps in formulating better marketing strategy
  7. This CRM solution platform is quite versatile and is compatible with Apache, Linux, MySQL and PHP
  8. Its administration module helps enterprises automate and simplify their administrative processes

SugarCRM platform is available in both free as well as paid versions. Both the versions differ in terms of features and services it provides. The paid version, of course, offers more features like Microsoft Outlook integration, deployment choices, synchronizations with clients and more as compared to the other edition. Enterprises have now started moving toward the era of modernization and they tend to implement modern strategies by redefining their business structure.

There is no doubt in the saying “SugarCRM has changed the face of modern businesses”. Boost your business by using SugarCRM software as a CRM solution and promote performance of your enterprise.

The Hidden Secrets About Odoo ERP System

Odoo ERP system, which was earlier known as OpenERP, offers great features to make your business perform seamlessly. Its major offerings include features like customization, scalability, integration etc. An Odoo ERP system makes your business process efficient and manages the resources flexibly. Gone are the days of time consuming and manual processing of business processes. With this new and refreshed ERP solution, you can manage business related processes smartly and solve regular issues easily.

odoo erp hidden secrets

After giving you the brief introduction about Odoo ERP, let us now have a sneak peek on the features offered by this software, which are considered to be attractive gains of this software.

Hidden Secrets of Odoo ERP

Enhance Revenue Levels

Cross selling and upselling feature offered by Odoo ERP helps your online store earn more profit. With these features, the probability of adding additional products to the shopping cart, along with the products already present increases. Thus, this practice will help your business gain more profit.

Design and Create Attractive Web Pages

Design the web pages by just dragging and dropping the design elements. You can now perform several tasks like changing the product price, create discount offers etc. with Odoo ERP very easily. It just takes one click to perform any of the complex tasks with the drag and drop feature.

Analyze your Business Performance

Odoo ERP helps you to track your business performance using Google Analytics integration. Count website visits, impressions, call to actions and clicks easily. Further considering this statistics, you can build up new sales and marketing strategies for your business to perform better.

Implement your Choice on your Website

The layout of your online store can be modified and customized given your requirements. Offer a look to your website, which suits completely to the type of store you own over internet. Drag and drop the components, choose and edit the colors, modify the layout and much more, you can perform several tasks while building up the customized web solution.

Highlight your Best Products

Merchants have the chance to highlight their best selling products. With Odoo ERP development, the set of best selling products along with discounts and offers can be displayed in list or grid form. Displaying the products in this way will attract more customers towards your website.

All the above mentioned features are the reasons why Odoo ERP has gained overwhelming popularity nowadays. Select Odoo ERP for managing your business processes and avail their amazing benefit that can make your business management process efficient.

Android VS iOS

Using latest and advanced smartphone device is the current trend igniting the gadget lovers of every age group. There are several alternatives available for choosing a smartphone device right from the manufacturing brand to the version of the mobile operating system implemented into it. The two, most popular and widely used mobile operating system is being compared in this article. Checkout, how these platforms makes your smartphone device smartest.

Quick Insights

Android and iOS are the two mobile operating systems used by majority of the smartphone fans worldwide. Let us check out, what makes them so popular?

Why Android?

Android, a Google product, offers unbeatable features that can make your smartphone perform flawlessly. It offers the gadget lovers a reason to retain their freedom and flexibility while using their mobile phones as Android is flexible in nature. It has been performing exponentially since its launch in 2009.

Google Play Store, which is actually a marketplace to find Android apps under almost every categories like travel, communication, music, lifestyle etc. Android lovers can choose and use from the wide range of excellent application.

Why iOS?

iOS, a mobile OS developed by Apple Inc. performs tremendously well since its launch in 2010. Smartphone lovers seeking amazingly brilliant performance can select iOS for fulfilling their desire to use improved and best quality mobile operating system. Apple Inc. has successfully created several iOS versions and brought the revolution in the mobile market.

Apple Inc. has Appstore where iOS users search and download iOS apps to make their smartphone experience exciting and delightful. App Store is the destination to iOS apps falling under various categories like texting, photography, cookery etc.

Attractive Gains

By offering highly efficient mobile experience, Android and iOS are the two most overwhelming platforms available among several others. Let us check how they are beneficial?

Benefits of Android
  • Open and flexible ecosystem
  • Customizable phone’s UI
  • More choices from Android compatible smartphone range
  • Cheap yet brilliant apps for excellent mobile experience
Benefits of iOS
  • Excellent camera apps
  • iCloud drive for online data storage
  • Multiple language support for ease of use in iOS
  • Excellent texting experience with iOS devices
Final Words

Android and iOS being the most popular mobile operating systems, offers best smartphone experiences to gadget lovers worldwide.

Should you choose Android?

Are you seeking a flexible mobile operating system solution, which is cost effective yet appealing? Android is the platform you should select and leverage the multitude of features it offers to the smartphone lovers and fulfill their requirements economically.

Should you choose iOS?

Are you seeking a mobile operating system solution, which count quality over every aspect? iOS is the best choice for you, if price is not an issue for getting the best-in-class quality mobile experience for gadget lovers around the world.

No matter which operating system you choose – Android or iOS, you will get the best mobile experience fulfilling your comprehensive requirements with advanced technologies.

Do you Blog Regularly? Know the Winning Secrets!

Blogging is a popular activity for adding fresh content to your website. This practice will also help in getting better visibility in the popular search engines. To keep your website packed with fresh content, bloggers add informative and interactive content for their readers. But, just writing is not all that can fetch desired results. You need to focus on other aspects too to make your content viral and drive huge traffic towards your website.

Winning Secrets

Top bloggers, who do it on a regular basis, are aware of the secrets that will help your website gain notable popularity. To the roadmap of success, content, marketing strategies and some promotional tricks are the crucial elements of blogging activity.

Let us reveal some of the blogging secrets that can trigger your website’s popularity with engaging content.

Must-Know Blogging Secrets

Selecting Blogging Platform

Selection of right blogging platform i.e. CMS (Content Management System) is imperative that affects your blog performance. WordPress CMS is the leading blogging platform among all the other blogging platforms available in the market, with range of features and functionalities that would simplify your blogging activities. Use a simple blogging platform to avoid complexities in posting your blogs.

Writing Titles

Title plays a great role in making the content viral. It is the soul of the content. Make the titles attractive, informative and engaging to make your readers excited to read your blogs. The blog titles are responsible to get huge organic traffic. You might even get notable social media traffic as majority of the readers judge the article from its title. Keep it simple, crispy, informative and attractive and get more readers!

Creating Unique Content

Write unique content for your blogs as Google crawls web pages with fresh and unique content. Don’t focus only on the search engine rules for writing blog content, also focus on the choice and demand of your readers for the type of content they want to read. Imparting creativity to your writing will make your blog go viral.

Placing Keywords

Keyword is an important element for making your blog post search engine friendly. This is the most important trick. Place keywords in the title and the content of your blog post. Use it early in your content. Avoid using too many keywords as your customers might lose the interest while reading your blog. Your keywords should enhance the quality of your content, rather than making it dull.

Placing the Links

Internal links are the links given to the keywords of your content that would redirect to the webpage of a same domain; while external links are given to the keywords that will redirect you to the webpage of different domain. Avoid adding too many links to the keywords of your blog post.Putting link in the introductory part will also affect adversely, similarly links at the bottom of the page will also affect inversely in case of non-engaging content. Place the anchor-text in the middle of the content to get the desired results.

Posting Frequency Matters

Top successful blogs publish a lot of content. This simply implies that posting frequency matters for getting better search engine visibility. Produce distinct and unique content to post it on a daily basis. This practice helps your website in receiving huge traffic. Quality and interactive content that is posted daily will take your website to the peak of success.

Focusing Niche Market

Choose your niche market to build marketing strategies that would help you acquire desired and accurate result. Once the target market is chosen, stay connected to it for better results. Writing on the topics related to your niche market should be your core purpose. Maintain consistency in your writing like the quality of your blog should not be compromised as it will help building a brand of your business.

Blogging would now be a simple and interesting activity as you are aware of crucial aspects of blogging activity. All the above revealed secrets will help your blog perform vigorously over internet. Try them out and get noticed!

Curious to shift to WordPress?

Get most simple, cost effective and user-friendly CMS solution and help your customers visit an improved and highly attractive website that will astonish them for sure!


Are You a CakePHP Developer? Skip these Mistakes!

CakePHP is one of the best frameworks of PHP web development platform. It provides ease and flexibilities to the professional web developers for making excellent web solutions for enterprises to sustain in the world competition. The MVC coding pattern and configuration rules are followed religiously while developing a web application or a website using CakePHP web development platform.

CakePHP Developer

Professional developers, sometimes make some mistakes while CakePHP web development process that affects the capabilities of the developed web solution. Here are some of the mistakes that might affect the web development companies’ reputation. By ignoring some of these mistakes, your web solution can become highly successful!

Development Mistakes, Developers Should Avoid

Not Checking the Tutorials

No matter how good you are at writing code and implementing it for availing brilliant web solutions, having a reading habit of the development platforms and technologies is appreciated. It is good to stay updated with the knowledge to make it accurate and up to the mark. Go through the CakePHP tutorials and stay updated with latest information.

Implementing Unwanted Features

Avoid implementing unwanted features into your CakePHP website. By integrating features, which are hardly used or remain unused for long time will increase the loading time of your website and nothing else. List the features that would help your customers to find what they are looking for with minimal amount of features to make your website smarter that run smoothly.

Integrating Complex Design

Remember, the user that arrives to your website is either interested in your products and services or he browses your website for getting information. If you complicate your CakePHP website design, the chances of getting bounce rate for your website will increase notably. Thus, keep the website design simple and attractive to retain the present customers and invite new visitors to your website. This will even reduce the bounce rate of your website.

Ignoring SEO

A good CakePHP developer will focus on the absolute terms used while website development. Use the terms that are SEO friendly as it would help your website gain better visibility among popular search engines, which may even help in getting good search engine ranking.

No matter whether you are a beginner or a web developer having years of experience, mistakes are likely to happen in such crucial task like web development. Above mentioned are some of the mistakes that can make your web development process unreliable. Consider all of them to build and offer a flawless web solution to your customers.

Top 5 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid for eCommerce Promotion

Social media is a huge platform for businesses to gain popularity over internet. Your eCommerce enterprise can gain tremendous traffic using this platform effectively. Likes, comments or Tweets can build or malign your professional reputation over social media. Building and managing the brand image is a tough task. Let’s have an overview of the top 5 mistakes that you can avoid to get the best out of social media.

Top 5 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Above listed are the top 5 mistakes that affect social media marketing activities of eCommerce website. Avoid these mistakes and get the desired outcome of the promotional activities in the form of higher revenue.


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