How Crucial is Responsive Design for Websites?

27 Feb

Internet is flooded with websites that are unique and category specific. Internet users are following the trend of accessing websites through different devices other than a desktop or laptop. As compared to the previous years, the usages of portable devices like mobile phones, tablets etc. has increased remarkably. Responsive website designs are much in demand due to the increasing production of smartphones and other gadgets by the manufacturers.

What is a Responsive Website Design?

Websites having responsive design can be accessed through the devices of any screen size. The smartphone trend has boosted the all new website design type. It was stated in one of the survey that websites having responsive design are surfed more compared to the websites having normal design.

Here, we have included some of the reasons specifying how responsive websites are crucial for the modern businesses seeking wide range of customers.

Reasons for Website to get Responsive

Smartphones are Trending

As per the current scenario, smartphone are widely used by all the age groups, and so is the trend of using internet through smartphones. The current statistic offers an insight into the furious growth of portable devices with varied configuration. People are using their smartphones for opening emails, connecting through social networking websites, searching via search engines etc. i.e. almost every task that can be done through a desktop.

Importance of User Experience

If you make your website mobile friendly, there are fair chances of your website getting popular among users who use smartphones more than a PC or a laptop for accessing internet. But if your website is not mobile friendly then there are chances of majority of the site viewers would leave your website and go to other responsive websites to fulfill their quest.

Social Activities Bring Mobile Visitors

Social media has the power to acquire vast range of customers. Blogging and social marketing incorporated in your marketing strategy can get you more customers. Majority of the smartphone users have the habit of using internet through their smartphones. Thus social activities can get your responsive website better search engine ranking by increased visibility.

SEO Benefits

World’s most popular search engine “Google” had declared that it prefers more of responsive sites over simple websites. Websites having single URL (responsive website)) makes it easier for Google bot to crawl your website and make it visible in the searches rather than mobile websites that have separate URL and HTML for its desktop versions. Search Engine Optimization methods for responsive websites makes it search engine friendly.

Responsive website is the future of web development era. It might be a new concept but, it has been supported by the smartphone users due to its feature of fitting into the screen size. Convert your website design in responsive form and give your users a delightful experience.

Yet Not Installed Magento 2? Time is Now!

26 Feb

Magento has been the lifeblood of eCommerce industry for years. Having mesmerized millions of store owners and their online customers, Magento has recently introduced a new and improved beta version for Magento 2 in December 2014.
Magento-2.0-Installation - Biztech Consultancy
It is now going to write a new Magento history with its advanced version. Let’s have a look at the installation steps for this new Magento 2.0 version, if being a developer you haven’t installed it yet!

Step 1: Install xampp

Access xampp using

You must ensure that xampp meets some necessary requirements, which includes:

Apache – 2.2. or 2.4
MySQL – 5.6.x
PHP – 5.4.11 or 5.5.x

Step 2: Install Composer

Install Composer through
Now download Composer-Setup.exe and install on localhost
Run the file Composer-Setup.exe


Hit ‘Next’ to continue


Select the path where php.exe is located i.e. C:\xampp\php\php.exe and hit ‘Next’


Now select ‘Install’


If you get any error message, hit retry using task manager to close explorer



Once you are through to the composer set up, you will view this picture



Now Installer Process Done


Step: 3 Install ‘Magento 2.0

  • Download the newest version from
  • Now copy the source code to htdocs folder of localhost.
  • Right click and select Composer Installation for the file \setup\composer.json and run Composer Install
  • The cmd screen will be displayed
  • After waiting for few minutes, log in to mysql to generate database
  • Now to start installing Magento 2.0 run the link localhost/magento20/ on the browser
  • Let installation run by following the steps.
  • ‘Readiness Check’
  • Select ‘Next’
  • Now fill in the ‘web configuration’ details
  • Provide link of your website in ‘customize your store’
  • Create ‘admin account’
  • ‘Install’
  • It will take some time to complete the installation. When done it will display “Success” page

Step: 4 Install Magento 2.0 on Online Server

  • Copy the source code to server
  • Move to setup folder
  • Download composer
  • Run composer
  • Run Magento link, which is the same while installing on localhost.

You are done!

Hope these steps would help you download Magento 2.0. You can always contact in case of any further query.

Mistakes to Avoid while Magento Theme Development

21 Feb

Magento is one of the best platforms for developer as well as user. It offers great benefits to its users, be it the developers using the platform for developing eCommerce solutions or the customers enjoying the shopping experience on Magento website. Developers can give their imagination a platform and intensify its capabilities. There are tons of modules, plugins, add-ons etc. that can be used for creating a web solution that can serve with best-in-class functionalities.
Magento store theme plays a crucial role in the store performance as it attracts users to visit your store and shop for the products and services you serve on your website.

Let us see what all mistakes should be avoided to make your Magento store work excellently.

Mistakes that should be avoided

Wrong Choice of Themes

The performance of any Magento store can be predicted in its early stages itself. As described earlier that themes play a very crucial role in online stores, it is advisable to select the theme matching with the nature of the store you own over internet. No matter what size of online store you own, Magento themes acts uniformly for every size and every type of online store.

If you own a store selling automobile parts online, the theme you select should have dark solid colors rather than soft colored theme with unmatched icons and images while Magento theme development. Such mismatch of theme and type of online store will definitely adversely affect the desired sales ratio. To avoid this situation, right theme should be chosen for right type of the online store.

Disobeying Installation Guide

It is essential to follow the installation guide as majority of the developer don’t have that habit to check the installation steps as specified in the guide while installing the software necessary for Magento web development. They may get error while using the software if any special setting was ignored by the developers while installation. Sessions and cache should be cleared before installing extensions and themes.

Version Incompatibility

Developers often make a mistake while installing the software of not checking the version compatibility. Prior to implementing a theme in your website, check its compatibility with the software version you are using for making the performance of your Magento store seamless.

Not Understanding Themes

This is one of the biggest mistakes any developer can avoid. Once you download a theme after checking its appearance and look it offers to your Magento store, you should analyze the theme completely. Many developers just check the name of the theme prior to deciding which theme should be implemented. Unless you analyze it completely, you will not be able to get the best out of it.

Your Magento store needs the best and appropriate theme to perform flawlessly and get desired ROI. There is no doubt that looks of store is equally important as its products and services. Rely on the professionals to get the best-in-class web solution having a blend of attractive looks and seamless performance.

Spice-up Your Marketing Process with These Tips

18 Feb

Though digital marketing process involves ample creativity in design and content, there is no guarantee that you will receive the desired results. Trying something different and unique can add spice to the entire advertising process, it will not only attract customers and visitors towards your brand but also tempt them to use your products and services and know, what’s new? There are multiple platforms where you can try digital marketing like social media marketing, email marketing etc.
Marketing-Process-Biztech Consultancy
Analyze your brand and its target audience to decide the means of branding that will affect your business positively. Social media marketing is currently on top of the trending alternative list. Research and analysis of the aspects like customer behavior, latest trends etc. will help you in making a plan that works like a boon for digital marketing. Indulging creativity in the advertising plan will help you get diverse customers from around the globe.

If your marketing plan is not that effective, we can help you adding spice to it for boosting its popularity.

Steps to Retain Marketing Effect

Content Evaluation

Have you used the same content for years in the marketing strategy? If your answer is yes, it’s time to change the content and re-start your marketing plan with a fresh and creative content. People searching for goods and services over the internet are attracted to the websites and web applications that have unique and innovative content packed into them. Unmatched website solutions are the one-stop solution for the customers, majority of the times.

Trying New

Once you are aware of the traffic flow of your current web solution, you can try out a new plan containing new strategies. Though there lies risk in trying a new plan for advertising online, change is what people appreciate. To improve your web application’s popularity, risk taking is the foremost step you should take. No matter how you have worked since years for marketing online, it is the time to try new stuff like videos, brochures, infographics etc. to make your customers delighted and change their perspective towards your business.

Use Analytics

Analytics can be used for the business to calculate the success, pitfalls and challenges. The analysis report will help you to generate digital marketing strategy that can enhance success by removing pitfalls and overcoming challenges. Businesses can be highly benefited by focusing on such analysis reports for acquiring excellent outcomes in the form of revenue generation.

Be Organized

Once you analyze your website or application, you need to organize the tasks in accordance of the requirements of the company and the marketing strategy that suits the requirements. Keep the digital marketing plan well organized focusing on the deadline to grab the opportunities raised due to a new plan.

Try the tips mentioned here and add a spice to the marketing strategy, you practice for branding your business around the world.

Know Everything About SugarCRM Integration!

17 Feb

SugarCRM is one of the best open source Customer Relationship Management software used by organizations of every size. Every business process can be simplified and get automated by integrating SugarCRM with website or existing application. This CRM helps in connecting different systems under single terminal. Professional CRM developers offer valuable business solutions, thus relying on them for your business requirements can be of great help.
sugarcrm- Biztech Consultancy
Reason for Process Based Integration for SugarCRM

SugarCRM is a system, used for maintaining business activities like invoice processes, managing information, generating customer records etc. It is a tool professionalizing and systemizing the business workflows. Due to the huge size of organizations, maintaining workflows became very tough as compared to small scale enterprises. Moving data between distinct systems was much challenging, thus the need of SugarCRM integration was felt.

The business workflows are being shared by many systems and the related conversations take place via server mediums, like social media etc. as contacts are not saved only at a single place for the seamless functioning of the businesses. Under these circumstances, integration of multiple systems can solve customer issues immediately and seamlessly.

Benefits of SugarCRM Integration

For businesses to grow remarkably, integrating SugarCRM with other systems is crucial. Two different systems can easily communicate by transferring data easily. Work data can be sent or received by various systems having different structure.

Business processes running through multiple systems can be made efficient by integrating functionalities of your system. The increased customer information can easily be accessed and updated within multiple systems.

With process-based integration you can follow the business logic that is required by the user to update information across systems. This integration turns the informal processes into automatic ones.

With this integration, two versions of customer data can be saved, one in your SugarCRM and one in ERP.

Integrating SugarCRM with other systems will help in making businesses processes very efficient. With this integration, businesses can perform tremendously well. Implement SugarCRM with your existing system will help your enterprise work seamlessly.

What Magento 2 Has in its Fold

16 Feb

Just within few years since the launch of Magento, it has become the most popular eCommerce business solution which has recorded a whopping more than 4 million times of downloading. There has been an array of reasons that has made it so popular and sought after platform and is still climbing new stairs of success ladder.
What-Magento-2-Has-in-its-Fold1- Biztech Consultancy
Now, Magento 2.0 is on its way to rock! The launch date is still under the wraps! When it comes to the most exciting new features for Magento 2.0, there are so many features to talk about that can be considered to be the most exciting aspects, adding value and making it even more useful and feature rich. Let’s have a sneak peek into the most popular and attractive offerings that make it even more revolutionary!

Performance Enhancement

Performance has always been the greatest areas of concern for Magento and the team of Magento developer keeps enhancing the performance of Magento with every new version. With this new version of 2.0, it is predicted that the performance of Magento will become 20% faster compared to the existing Magento 1.x versions. This is one of the most exciting improvements that can attract more people to opt for Magento as their business platform due to this improvement.

Supports More Platforms

Magento 2.0 is now going to run on PHP 5.3 and Zend Framework as 1.0. In addition, it is also compatible with MSSQL, Oracle and some other database. Simply great news for Windows Platform Server! Magento is growing faster and going to support more and more popular platform soon.


Eventually, Magento 2.0 has started using jQuery library as its default JavaScript library. It will make it more accessible for the developers, as they already know JavaScript library. Great news for the frontend developer!

Component Oriented Architecture

With this new version, you can write your own module if you don’t want to use some specific module by disabling it. Now you do not have to install the entire module and hack the existing code base for tweaks and customization of Magento 2.0. It will make your code base fairly clean and also enhance the performance of the site.

Directories Structure

Magento 2.0 will have the directories structures very much identical to the Zend Framework, making it easy as earlier the directories structure of Magento 1.x series were quite different from the Zend Framework. This is very enthusiastic for theme development as aspects like CSS, Images, Layout Templates, JavaScript has gone more modular. Now, it can all be organized within a module folder.

Automated Testing

It is tough to conduct automated tests for Integration, Unit Testing, Functional and Performance Testing. By default Magento is not packed with such module. Now with Magento 2.0, automated tests can be set up pretty easily compared to the 1.x series.

In addition, there are many more new features of Magento 2.0 that have already started attracting developers and can make their task simpler. Abovementioned are some most exciting ones making it more popular and eagerly awaited. We’ll be updating you for addition of any more exciting features into Magento 2.0.

Magento 2 – Next Generation eCommerce Platform

12 Feb

Magento 2 is probably the most popular topic being talked about in the eCommerce community. The entire Magento community and the global market are ready to embrace the entirely new version of this popular eCommerce platform. Smart, interactive and just amazing – is all we can say about Magento 2, given the details released by the authorities!
magento-2-next-generation- Biztech Consultancy
Currently Magento hosts nearly all size and sorts of stores. From a small bakery startup to a large fashion house, it powers a quarter of the eCommerce stores that comes in Alexa’s top 1 million websites.

Chronology of Magento 2

Magento 2 was announced in 2010 with plans to release it by 2011 end, but till now it has not even released its Release Candidate, which is expected to be available in March 2015. It’s being a long wait, creating anxiety and annoyance within the Magento community.

Although the long wait is cumbersome, Magento 2 is worth waiting. Albeit, it will surely change the landscape of eCommerce, this release is a great boost that is going to consolidate Magento’s market share.

Changes Introduced

There are several bottom line changes that can be expected in newer version! Now, you can find a responsive theme in place of default theme. This is going to form the ultimate base of all your themes and it has to be compulsorily responsive.

This new version would be approximately 20% faster in terms of product import and catalogue re-indexing. Just amazing and very promising!

It will also give a boost to the flexibility and performance of the store by introducing component based structure of modules.

The entire admin has been changed drastically manifesting an entirely new and fresh look with improved UX. The menu items are shifted and organized differently, making the setting up a lot easier.

When to expect Magento 2?

No official release date has been announced as such! Although, it is available for developers but not yet for merchants! While Magento 2 has just entered developer beta, there is much more to come in terms of announcements that will surely excite you. We’ll keep you posted about this new addition! Stay tuned!


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