CMS – The Soul of eCommerce Business!

Ecommerce, online store, e-store, shopping website etc. all are travelers of same destination – online selling. Due to the latest trend of shopping through online store, these synonyms have come within the frame of flexible shopping habits. Sit back at home and select from the huge range of products at the best price from the variety of online shops available over internet. With the increasing demand of eCommerce website, requirement of a strong and reliable Content Management System (CMS) has also catapulted.


WordPress is the best among all other CMS development platforms. It offers huge range of features and benefits for an online store. By integrating WordPress CMS with your eCommerce website, product addition and modification becomes a simple task. No eCommerce website can perform well without managing the descriptive content about the products and services it retails online.

Content Management System is not just a CMS solution for eCommerce website owners, but it is much more than this. It allows you to add new content when new products arrive, notify about discounts and sale, remove or modify the content of the existing products etc. Managing eCommerce orders and inventory is no more a difficult task, as WordPress CMS provides great benefits to online stores owners.

What CMS Offers eCommerce Businesses?

It provides great user experience

By integrating both the platforms, you can get a strong and reliable solution. Offer your users a reason to return to your eCommerce website with interesting and exciting products and discounts. Getting traffic towards your website is only the first step, the other factors includes attracting them through content, offering great product and order management flexibility, scalability as per eCommerce requirements etc.

It Allows You Target Niche Audiences

By integrating eCommerce website with WordPress CMS, you can target right products to the right customers. You can interact with your customers and know their reviews and feedbacks to make your eCommerce business popular and successful. Targeting any product to the correct group of customers is now possible. Add product and offer specific content to target the right audience. You can write and manage blogs through CMS to notify your users about the products your eCommerce website retails.

It is Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly CMS solution is crucial nowadays. To keep pace with the trend of using internet through smartphone, the CMS solution you select for your eCommerce website must be mobile friendly. WordPress CMS is the best alternative a website owner can select. By using a responsive CMS solution, you can add, delete or modify the website and blogs content anytime and anywhere.

If you own an eCommerce website, make WordPress CMs your associate, it will make the content management task simple yet effective. Integrate your eCommerce website with WordPress Content Management System and see your business succeed.

Severe ERP Mistakes that Companies Should Avoid

Organizations, either huge or small, need an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to streamline the business activities with the current trend to sustain in the competition. Though ERP system is expensive, time-consuming and difficult to implement, but it boosts business by increasing its sales to the next level. Avoid ERP mistakes, which can jeopardize the entire revenue model of any business, mentioned here in this article.


Organizations are seeking a smart and strong ERP solution to simplify their challenging business activities, which ultimately helps in generating desired revenue. We have included some severe ERP mistakes that companies need to avoid out rightly.

ERP Mistakes to be Avoided

Not Planning the Things

Not planning the ERP project and its implementation is no less than a nightmare for the organization. Planning an ERP solution for the organization is as important as building marketing strategies. Depending on the size of the enterprise and its resource requirement, ERP software needs to be planned, designed and created. Conducting internal audit of all the processes and policies for choosing a suitable ERP system is the best idea rather than implementing an unplanned ERP system.

Not Understanding the Usage of Features

The scenario in which a company implements an ERP system without having proper understanding of its features will not be able to avail its features completely. Without knowing its features, it is possible that the company might miss business opportunities, automate business processes and fulfill desired objectives. It is advisable to appoint an ERP expert to use it at its best. Create a list that includes every feature of the ERP system used in your business to leverage it when required.

Not Having an Experienced Team to Manage ERP

ERP implementation requires experienced and dedicated team. The team you create to manage an ERP system of the company, they needs to be trained prior to start managing an ERP system, as implementing and using such solution in an organization is the biggest and toughest task, which requires expert brains to accomplish the task effectively.

Not Offering Proper Maintenance Service

Out of the huge range of ERP solution available, Odoo ERP is one of the leading open source solutions any business can acquire to perform flawlessly due to the huge range of features it offers. This ERP development package also includes support and maintenance services offered by the web development company. Thus Odoo support service will help your business processes work smoothly through the maintenance solutions offered by development companies.

These are only some of the ERP mistakes that need to be avoided by the companies to get seamless business performance. You can suggest some more that your company might have come across.

Tips to Identify Over-Passionate Employees and to Manage them Effectively – Part 1

Top authorities wish their organizations could have highly motivated, dedicated and passionate employees. To make the workplace a highly productive area, it is important that an organization must have such atmosphere that boosts work efficiency of employees across the organization. Well, the workplace scenario may not be simple and perfect all the time. Along with the enthusiastic type of employees, there are employees that fall in the category of over enthusiastic employees, which affect the organization remarkably. To handle them, leaders and managers need special skills and strategies.


It is a fact that every employee has distinct and unique working style, discipline, skills, personality and attitude. Different employees are difficult to manage, yet they are good for the growth of organizations. Leaders and managers can learn from their personality and etiquettes and implement suitable strategies to optimize their talent.

Such employees may irritate or annoy you often, but it is actually their working style that they follow. They might be a huge challenge for managers to tackle; ultimately they are the opportunities through which higher authorities can polish their employee behavior policies.

There are always two sides of a coin, the same is correct for employees. It is not always true that dedicated employees are disciplined; you might see a different scenario in the organization, which does not mean undisciplined employees are not dedicated to their work. They might be even more efficient and passionate for their work as compared to the other type of employees, but due to certain behavior style, their work performance might get hidden under the cover.

What are the Characteristics of Such Employees?

They are Totally Different

There are some employees which love to be offbeat. They get delighted to be unusual, though they might seem little bit odd than others, but actually it’s in a really good way. Unusual personalities generally bring a revolution at their workplace. They add a pinch of flavors in a simple atmosphere of a workplace. They are often creative and you could even observe creativity in the work they accomplish.

They are Rule Breakers

They generally don’t like following what others follow. They love breaking rules and make their own way of working. Being very bad at copying things, they try and build their own way of working. They love their freedom of work and believe following rules can reduce their productivity remarkably.

They are Lazy yet Work Smart

Bill Gates once stated “I would always choose a lazy person to do a difficult job, because he will find an easy way to do it.” Though they are lazy, they work really smart, as they balance work with the challenges given to them impressively. Analyzing an employee’s work potential perfectly is the essential quality every leader should have.

They like Keeping their Point on the Top

No matter what the result should be at the end of any business meetings, they like to keep their point on top of the discussion. Being self-motivational makes a person doubt other’s capabilities. The burning desire of proving themselves correct may unknowingly bring unexpected results of meetings in which they participate. Exceptional employees hold a deep desire of not considering their work, just a job rather they get deep into it and discover ways to complete the given work.

Here are only some of the characteristics of exceptional employees. Managers and leaders can identify them and manage them by considering the points that would be included in our next article.

So, stay tuned with us for knowing how managers should handle them to get the best out of their talent.

Cloud-based CRM – How Does it Benefit Businesses?

Entrepreneurs, who have just started their business venture , might have come across several myths while planning and building sales and marketing strategies to boost the business performance. In the list of aspects that are essential to run business flawlessly is a CRM application that must be the top most priority. Thus, the decision of selecting the right CRM solution must include considerations of challenging business requirements and strategies built to support it.


CRM (Customer Resource Management) is nothing less than the soul of business, which helps businesses to simplify their challenging processes and activities. With the correct choice of CRM solution, your business can receive desired success within a short time period. Analyze your business model, list out the requirements, check and match the suitable CRM features prior to selecting which CRM solution should be implemented for optimum ROI propelling your business.

The selection of CRM application should also focus on the size of your businesses and the number of employees working with the firm. Cloud-based CRM solution is trending now a days, as companies rely on a cloud solution to save time and develop proficiency in managing business activities.

From the range of CRM platforms available in the market, SugarCRM is the leading CRM solution used widely by the organizations to build roadmap to success.

What Benefits can Businesses Get by Using Cloud-Based CRM?

Can Be Installed Smoothly

Installing CRM is very difficult is just a myth. Well, the reality is far better than the predictions. Implementing SugarCRM in your business is a simple and easy task. You just need an internet connection to sign-up and start using. You need not pay for the server, hardware and software maintenance. Even the processes like installations, upgrades or even data migration is done automatically.

Can be Accessed Seamlessly

By using cloud based SugarCRM solution, you can get seamless access to your CRM anytime, anywhere. Round-the-clock accessibility is the biggest advantage offered to your business. To avail this benefit, you just need an internet connection, and you can easily access your CRM solution from any remote place too.

Can be Used Easily

Using a CRM is very easy. Simply buy a monthly package with a fixed price, and log in with the access codes to start working with the implemented CRM solution. You need a device with fast internet connection to work seamlessly with the CRM solution and simplify challenging business activities.

Can Offer High Security

Security is the major concern, which is to be taken care of in any business. SugarCRM is the solution that offers high level security to your business, so you can get back and rest and spend valuable time in building important sales strategies. The CRM solution protects confidential business information being highly secured cloud-based solution.

Points to be Considered While Selecting a CRM Solution for your Business

Should support multiple devices
Should be an affordable solution
Should be compatible with third-party products
Should be adaptable to your challenging business needs
Should not require much of the additional hardware or software

Choosing a right CRM solution brings remarkable success to your business. SugarCRM being the leading CRM solution, businesses rely on it due to the huge range of features and benefits it offers. Get a customized CRM development solution package offered by web development companies and give your business performance a gentle boost.

Drupal VS Joomla

Content Management Systems (CMS) is software used by technical giants to manage their crucial data online. CMS is a standalone program used for updating, modifying, adding or deleting the content of the websites or web applications. Earlier businesses found content management task difficult with the traditional techniques. Modern businesses seeking exponential success has adopted the phase of Content Management System to reduce content failures and track the right content flow within the organization, thus simplifying the overall business process.


Quick Insights

Drupal and Joomla are the two much popular CMS serving various industry verticals within the global landscape. Let’s check what makes them so compelling?


Drupal is next to WordPress CMS in terms of popularity and usability. It is open source software offering enterprises powerful features and functionalities. Technical expertise is needed for using this software as a CMS. This CMS software is packed with wide range of plugins to expand the arena of its services.

Being a highly powerful platform, it is widely used by large corporation having huge content online. At the time of Drupal CMS development, web development companies ensure to provide modern CMS solution with advanced functions.


Joomla is again a strong contender among various other CMS software. It is also an open source CMS catering impeccable services to the industries. Using this platform does not demand much of technical expertise as compared to Drupal software.

Joomla CMS development also includes services like theme customization, CMS integration, CMS migration etc. Packed with myriads of plugins it also offers extra features to its users. Due to its comprehensive benefits, its reliability increases notably.

Attractive Gains

With multitude of features and functionalities both Drupal and Joomla platforms are extremely popular over internet. Let us see what more it offers?

Benefits of Drupal

Uses few resources and requires less hosting upgradation
Loads quickly and has faster response time
Easily customizable and highly flexible
Free of cost and easy to install

Benefits of Joomla

Easily and quickly creates social networks
Easier to setup and manage ecommerce store
Less technical and more flexible
Free of cost and easy to install

Final Words

Drupal and Joomla both the platforms are highly popular and significant for managing content online. Let us check which should you choose for your business?

Should you Choose Drupal?

If you have some technical expertise in handling any CMS platform, then Drupal CMS platform suits you the best as it requires some technical knowledge to use it. Along with this, it offers greats features and various plugins to make your content management simply seamless.

Should you Choose Joomla?

If you are not having any technical expertise in handling CMS platform, then you should select Joomla platform for CMS development as to use Joomla, no technical knowledge is required. It offers numerous plugins, templates and modules to make your CMS flawless.

Whichever platform you use for Content Management System of your enterprise, you will need the best hosting providers to offer you excellent hosting and maintenance services. Consult us today for hosting services and we ensure excellent and reliable hosting services with flexible packages to make your content management task simple and easy.

Tablet VS Phablet

Big screen sized devices are trending nowadays. In the recent years, mobile phone manufactures has brought an exponential revolution in smartphone manufacturing. The average smartphone display size is between 4.7 to 5 inches in 2015, which was found in one of the survey carried out. Tech savvy people are switching their smartphone choices from small resolution to huge and magnified resolution. Tablet and Phablets are the two new concepts that have impressed device lovers tremendously. Whatever tasks you can perform using your PCs or laptops that can now be done using your smartphones too.


Quick Insights

Tablet and Phablet are the two different devices that have gained high popularity due to the features and delightful mobile experience they offer, since they have been introduced.

Why Tablet?

Tablets are the devices that are very common and trendy. They are used for surfing internet, listening music, clicking photographs etc. Each and every task that is performed through a smartphone can be done using a tablet too. Today, you can even make a call using your tablet, which was earlier not possible.

Android apps can easily be installed on the tablets supporting Android mobile operating system.

Why Phablet?

Phablet are the type of smartphones having huge display screens, which are liked by the smartphone lovers. The revolution in the smartphone world was observed with the increasing screen size. With a Phablet, you can get amazing mobile experience for activities like watching videos and playing games.

The newly launched iPhone series are Phablet having huge screen size. Thus, iOS apps run seamlessly in this device.

Attractive Gains

With a huge range of features, tablets and phablets are the most demanding and interesting devices working either on Android OS or iOS operating system.

Benefits of Tablets

Screen size is bigger
Highly portable device
Entertainment anytime anywhere
Long battery life
Easily adaptable nature

Benefits of Phablets

Big sized smartphone
Picture clarity
Amazing gaming experience
High resolution camera
Flawless performance

Final Words

Whether you select a tablet or a phablet, both will give you a delightful mobile experience that you desire or expect from the device you select.

Should you buy a tablet?

Tablets are mostly owned by the people who need to perform work related tasks like making presentations, creating PDFs etc. and needs huge screen support for accomplishing the task. If you are seeking a solution to simplify work related tasks, you can buy a tablet, which would be very helpful.

Should you buy a phablet?

Whereas, phablet is more popular among relatively younger generation who use entertainment based apps, use internet on a regular basis and want to have good quality front and rear camera. They opt for phablets as they are trending nowadays and it fulfills their desires.

Deciding what to buy – tablet or a phablet, depends on personal preferences. All the features and benefits about both the devices have been listed here; you can select the suitable device after analyzing your needs and preference. It has been observed from the survey conducted recently that phablets will capture majority of the market in the next few years.

Can Odoo Integration Leads to eCommerce Success?

Companies seeking success requires an exponential growth formula to sustain in the competition. For businesses, planning long term success, Odoo is the best ERP to use. Considering the current eCommerce trend, Magento is superior among all other eCommerce development solution platforms. Together, they can perform better to offer seamless flexibility and customization features. The range of ERP modules will help Odoo eCommerce integration to make your business reliable and popular.


Do you own an eCommerce store? Do you wish to expand your business? Hard work alone cannot do it, but technology accompanying it can bring a revolution in the eCommerce market. Businesses require ERP solution to manage their resources and plan the strategies to execute it.

Benefits of Odoo eCommerce Integration

By Integrating Odoo with eCommerce you can leverage several benefits, which can take your online store ahead on the way to success. Some of the irresistible advantages, offered by this integration can delight your customers immensely.

Open Source Nature

This is the biggest advantage you can get from an ERP software. Users using this software solution do not need licenses for using the entire software. It allows you to manage multiple Magento stores simultaneously. It is supported by expert developers community, thus you can get high end ERP solutions instantly.

Huge Range of Module

There are hundreds of modules that can easily be customized and integrated with your website, simplifying your business processes. The range of modules helps your business to perform seamlessly and grow exponentially.

Easily Affordable

Costing structure also matters. Being one of the major factors that affects the revenue generation, Odoo integration with eCommerce web solution is cost effective, help achieve desired sales ratio.

Cloud Based ERP Solution

The Odoo ERP solution can be accessed anytime and anywhere through internet. All the essential data is secured and stored on the cloud. Thus your Magento stores can access the authentic data easily. To merge ERP operations with Magento store order management, you just require internet availability.

Multiple Store Management

With Odoo integration, you can manage multiple Magento store with single ERP software. This feature also works for non Magento stores like PrestaShop or nopCommerce. It is very easy to control multiple Magento stores using a single backend.

Success in eCommerce industry is a challenge. For businesses to get success, they need to consider essential aspects like seamless navigations, secured eCommerce transaction, easy checkout processes, attractive store appearance etc. ERP integration with eCommerce offers great benefits to your customers thus helping you excel in your online business.

What does your Online Business Identity Really Need?

This question boggles the minds of young entrepreneurs frequently. There are many answers to this question as any business requires several aspects to be fulfilled for better performance. Managing essential and authentic information is crucial for enterprises. The best-of-breed solution for this issue is the Content Management System. It offers great benefits, which can simplify your complex business content management requirement.

If you wish to offer your business an assured business performance and get the desired outcome, you should definitely select a CMS that will build a roadmap to success for your enterprise.

Content Management System – A Buzz Word

It is a simple computer program that allows you edit, replace, add or delete your content very easily. CMS is very essential for the businesses having dynamic website that need frequent changes or content updates. The biggest benefit of using a CMS for enterprises is you do not have to be a technical expert to use content management solution for content changes.

It Offers Great Benefits

It is easy to use and integrate a CMS with any web solution.
CMS solutions are mobile ready i.e. any content management system can be accessed through mobile devices also.
CMS solution offers high security, thus your website content is automatically secured.
Such solutions are search engine friendly, so CMS helps your website to get optimized and receive better ranking.

Does your Business Website need a CMS?

Website maintenance process should be flexible and scalable. ECM i.e. Enterprise Content Management also offers great flexibility, thus using it can affect your business remarkably. Saving your essential time and money, ECM gives your business a robust content management solution.

Does CMS Development Platform Affect Business Performance?

Among all other CMS development platform, WordPress holds highest preference. Why is this so? Well, the answer to this question lies in its range of benefits it offers. Business websites can perform seamlessly using this framework. Web development companies offering WordPress CMS solutions, are aware of the latest trends, they build feature-packed web solutions containing strong and powerful CMS interface. Use WordPress CMS platform and simplify the content management process remarkably.

Integrating a content management system with your business website will make the website support and maintenance task quicker and simpler. This open source CMS platform is easy to install and implement. The set of features packed with this platform makes WordPress CMS highly popular. Get an impressive CMS solution for your business and manage your vital content efficiently.

Google Update Rolled out: Mobile Responsiveness is a Must

Google has recently announced that your website has to be mobile friendly for getting noticed among popular search engines. Making your website mobile access ready will help it get preference in the search results. This update will majorly affect the websites, which do not have responsive design as Google would now search only device independent websites. In the forthcoming scenario, device friendly websites will become significant for businesses.



Update Effects

Mobile internet usage will increase
Access any website through smartphones or tablets
Anytime, anywhere websites access

Ranking Effects

Along with this update, Google has issued a ranking signal change which affects SERPs by making it more sensitive to device-friendly websites in search results. With the increase in mobile internet usage, the traffic to the websites will fairly increase. It is also stated in one of the survey conducted recently that more than 60% of the traffic to the website is received from the mobile device. Thus, your website ranking can be improved by making your website mobile friendly.

What Next?

Web development companies offering web solutions will now focus more on making websites having responsive designs. Professional developers stay updated with the latest trends, so relying on them for building an essential brand identity is a good idea.

If your website is not yet responsive, rush to solution provider to get the solution satisfying this update and make your website search-ready.

Tips to Get the Best of your Blogging Activity

Is your blog receiving desired attention? If no, there might be some issues, which stop visitors to visit your blog and view or rate it. If you are creating compelling content and posting it to increase the brand value of your organization, but not receiving enough conversions, you should definitely identify the problem area. You might have infused ample efforts to craft the content and made strategy to promote it. Due to lack of expected response your blog might fail to build brand identity of your enterprise. What could be the expected reason? Some of the strong reasons have been listed here.


Reasons Why Blogs Fail

You don’t know your Audience

Not knowing the target audiences accurately can be the reason of getting dull response. Research, to know them through several methods like making a questionnaire about their likes, interests etc. By using this significant data, you can build or change the content strategy that you used to follow earlier to get the desired output.

You don’t Use Right Keyword

Identifying and focusing on the exact keyword within your content is very important. You have two alternatives for choosing a keyword, i.e. short tail and long tail keyword. Both of them have their own significance, so the volume of the keyword matters for the type of content you write. Long term keywords are more conversional, so stuffing them into your blog can get more visitors as well as good visibility among popular search engines. Choose the keyword, which can make your blog receive high traffic.

You didn’t use Appropriate Development Platform

There are several web development companies offering blog development solution that fulfills your business requirements. CakePHP framework solution is one of the widely used blogging platform. Professional and experienced web developers can help you select the perfect development platform. Rely on them, rather than selecting the framework by your own.

You didn’t Write Engaging Title

According to a survey, it was observed that on an average 8 out of 10 people will read the headline, but only 2 to 3 will read further. Writing striking title is important as it is the first impression of your blog, but continuing with the same quality of writing is even more important. So, it is advisable to analyze your content quality and check whether it matches the current trends.

You didn’t add Call-To-Action Section

CTA is an important section, which should be placed at the bottom of your blog post. The position where it is placed also matters. CTA is the interface through which your visitors can move ahead in the buyer’s journey.

These are only some of the reasons that can help you get the best out of your blogging activity if it is implemented accurately. Research to imply, the actual strategy to boost the content marketing process and receive high conversion rates.


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