Find out Why Magento Solr Extension is Super Hit among Clients

Isn’t it great that your customers’ valuable time will be saved in searching the products they are looking for? With advanced search option, you can actually avoid annoying your customers. Allow them to search the products by setting several filters like colors, size, price etc. This is what our clients did to make their customers happy by offering great shopping experience.


Let’s have an insight into what our happy clients have to say on this:

1.Company:- Essential Aids

Excellent service

“The staff at Biztechcon were excellent. They were responsive to my queries and maintained dialogue despite some teething problems and customization work required on the extension. In the end it worked well, so we’re very happy.”

Our client, Essential Aids felt our staff is helpful, and we actually are!

2.Company:- Bike Mania

Excellent Search

“We’ve been working with BizTech Consultancy for a while now and every project has been smooth and quick. They are professional, friendly and easy to work with.

This is a product that works and is fast and trouble free. This developer listened to what we had to say and implemented it quickly.

Our customers are now able to find products 10x better than the built in search. I definitely recommend this search extension and the developer. We’ve since used them for other projects.”

Our client, Bike Mania recommends Magento Advance Search with Solr extension! It has helped their storefront to offer better customer experience.

3.Company:- Home Furnishings UK

Solr- Well Worth It

“I had been having problems for several months with my Magento sites slowing and freezing and tried several options and I must admit, several developers. Magento as we know is a huge resource user and with its built in re-indexer, it can be painful using this platform to say the least.

However the Solr extension solved my problems literally overnight and have had no issues with my clients from that day onwards. Not the cheapest extension on the market but you only get what you pay for.

The site owners are happy and the customers can view and browse the site without problems.

The support was first class so all in all, credit where credits due.”

Our client, Home Furnishing UK is able to provide their customers, speedy search option discarding traditional method to display the products in their Magento website. Now their customers are quite happy and satisfied.

With all the above mentioned feedbacks, our team of professional developers is geared up for enhancements. Reliability is our priority and customer satisfaction is our forte!

Magento ERP Integration – Boon for A Los Angeles School Management

ERP system stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, although its full name does not explain this system fully. It is in fact a fusion of various business functions in one complete system to organize processes and information across the whole organization. It offers some level of synchronized automation and reporting. It helps all the department of a business to expedite the process more accurately.



It offers some degree of synchronized automation and reporting. It helps all the department of a business to expedite the process more accurately. Common features include a dashboard or portal to allow employees to easily understand the business’ performance on core metrics.

The primary benefit of this solution is having a shared database that supports various functions used by different business units. It helps different staff members of various departments like accounting, HR, sales, to rely on the same information for their specific needs.

With an ERP solution, employees would have access to accurate business intelligence that helps them make better decisions faster. In addition, it also helps in eliminating redundant processes, thus dramatically reducing the cost of conducting business.

How ERP Helped In School Management

We, at Biztech, have completed one such project for one of our client, running a school El Camino Real Charter High School in Los Angeles, California. Education is one of the major industries growing exponentially. With the growing need of technology based tools for automation, enterprise resource planning solution is the best fit, given its business needs. All the school functions can be automated offering faster school processing. Here are some major modules that we integrated with the school system to run the school efficiently!

1.School Management System (ERP)

We created an ERP portal through which the entire management of school i.e. teacher, student, inventory, HR, vendors, projects, textbooks and any other aspects were organized and managed. This portal had a customized dashboard through which all the above activities can be easily and efficiently managed by the authorities who can offer access to various department and entities as per the need. This system also provided multiple necessary and vital reports including MIS based on critical business metrics.

2.Online Teachers Store Management

We developed a teacher’s portal using which teachers could access and order various office supplies and other important records. Using this module the teachers can track the availability of various articles required in school, and also can update their stationery needs, their expenses, payroll, salary, periods, office supplies and host of others. This system had a user interface through which teachers can update their needs and also place order for the required articles online. Be it stationary, furniture, technology or office supplies. They can have access to all the required products online.

3.Online Student Store Management

Similarly we also developed a portal for students. Using which, students can also manage their requirements whether it is academics, career or sports. This portal can also be used by the parents of the students, on their behalf. Through this interface student can get their textbooks, sports accessories, exam details or can know about the events that are scheduled to be organized. It’s entirely dedicated to students to fulfill their academic needs online.

4.Magento and OpenERP Integration

To get the most out of these technologies and systems we integrated magento and OpenERP that helped the school to access the sale and purchase data from their ERP dashboard without shifting to specific stores or teacher and students. Be it sale of study material or other articles or purchase of school equipments/furniture, all can be accessed from a single terminal. All vendors, students, teachers and other relevant data can be available within one centralized interface that helped school to organize their several regular activities smoothly and effortlessly.

So, does it really worth? Of course! Being ERP solution provider, we have created a full-fledged project having all the above modules to run our client’s school successfully. For offering such a school management solution to an education system of such repute, we deployed two giant platforms!

1.Odoo Solution
2.Magento Solution

Both the platforms helped us deliver the desired results!

If you are running a school and finding it tough to manage the day-to-day functioning, it’s time now to shift to customized ERP solution. It will not only help you simplify your everyday task but it will also prove to be a rich repository of business intelligence that can help you redefine and delineate your future business strategies.

iOS 8.4 – The Music Update is Set to Rock!

The biggest technology giant Apple has just rolled out its iOS version update i.e. iOS 8.4. It was 30 June, 8 am when the Apple fans, waiting for the biggest music update were served with this new version. Apple has revamped its free music app with this new version. Even the exclusive Beats 1 radio station has started streaming across the globe, as expected!


Well, the launch time was little different than the usual as Apple launches its updates at 10am generally. This time the update has seeded at 8 am, which is bit surprising!

Here we have mentioned a schedule, which was planned by Apple to launch its newer version update.

iOS 8.4 Launch Time (24 hours format) in United States of America

West Coast – 8.00

iOS 8.4 Launch Time (24 hour format) in other Countries

London – 16.00
Moscow – 18.00
New Delhi – 20:30
Shanghai – 23.00
Tokyo – 00.00
Melbourne – 1.00
Auckland – 3.00

As there are many countries, it is not possible to display the whole schedule in this article. But that doesn’t mean only the countries mentioned here have gotten the version update.

The newer feature of Beats 1 radio station has started streaming at 9am.

Apple fans can enjoy the new music service for free for the first three months, and then the subscription will cost $9.99 (£6) per month.

All the current users of iTunes Match music service can directly use this feature. This new streaming service will allow using all the features of iTunes Match.

It is announced by the sources that the new iOS app incorporates music library supporting around 100,000 songs, which is four times the current songs limit. But the bad news is: this update will be offered with the release of iOS 9, which is yet to hit the market. For now, the songs limit would be the same as usual i.e. 25,000.

Get ready to groove on the fresh and delightful music feeling through iOS 8.4 version update!

Quick Tips Fixes Slow WordPress Websites Issues

Do you own a website built on WordPress platform? Is it lacking better performance? It is possible that your website might get slow with the passing time. Your website visitors can get annoyed, by waiting for the web pages to load. According to the surveys, customers would leave the website if it does not load within 5 seconds. To cut down this issue, it is beneficial for website owners to check their WordPress websites on regular basis.


If you own an online store operated through CMS, and if its loading time exceeds than the usual, you might lose valuable customers. As they won’t visit such slow website again, though there might be quality products with attractive deals and discounts. As per a survey conducted, it was concluded that, a delay of around 1-2 seconds can decrease the customer satisfaction around 16-17%(figures may vary according to the time).

There can be several reasons like more images, excessive content etc. for your website having more loading time. Here in this article, we have listed some tips that would help you to speed-up your website.

Quick Tips for Speeding WordPress Website

Use Image Compression

WordPress web solutions with images can attract more visitors than the websites with no images. Use images in your website but don’t forget to compress it. Unfortunately, they are the biggest files on the website. If the images are used in their original size, it will affect the loading time of the website. There are several tools available for image compression. It is better to use them for compressing your files.

WordPress plugins like WP, Tiny PNG, Image Lazy Load WP etc. are used widely by professional developers for image compression. You can speed-up your website by reducing the loading time with this technique.

Use Caching Plugin

Caching is the technique to store the elements of the website that requires one-time loading whenever a user visits your website. It is helpful when there are static images, CSS files and JavaScripts which will load only once when the user loads your website for the first time. All this details are cached and when the visitors return to your website, the web page with stored details, will load quickly.

Modify the Code Structure

Keeping the code clean and readable is the sign of a good developer. White spaces in the code structure makes the view simplified rather than making it complex. But what if, it decreases the loading time?

It is a good practice to write the code that other developers can easily understand. But removing the white spaces will help the browsers to load your WordPress website faster. WordPress plugin like WP Minify and W3 Total Cache can remove the white spaces without disturbing the code structure.

Simplify Tables in Database

Optimizing database tables will help your database run smoothly, without any error. Database tables can be optimized either manually or you can also use a plugin called phpMyAdmin. Other WordPress plugins like WP-DBManager and WP-Optimize are also helpful for cleaning the database and making your website load faster.

These are the quick fixes for the websites to retain its speed. Don’t let your customers leave your website without exploring it. Speedier the website, happier the customers!

What to Consider Before Hiring CakePHP Development Company?

CakePHP is the leading framework offered by PHP, which is an open source web development platform. It has gained much popularity since it was introduced in the year 2005. It is based on MVC architecture, so it complies prominently with the business logic, supporting website elements like designs, better performance and simple functionalities. Due to the huge range of features like open source nature, easy customization, simple integration etc., it has become the first choice of professional web developers around the world. They are either shifting to this framework or placing it on the top of their list of skills.


If we compare CakePHP with other open source frameworks, no other framework offers benefits and features as this framework does. Its popularity is more than any other PHP frameworks, thus it holds the peak position on the hit list.

You will definitely opt for CakePHP web development after reading the impressive details stated about this magnificent framework. We have listed some considerations that will help you select CakePHP solution provider for your required solution.

Does the CakePHP Service Provider Hold Fair Experience?

Choose a company having adequate experience in providing CakePHP web solutions. Don’t just ask them about their experience, but check the projects they accomplished till date. Review all the projects to check what type of work they do and what procedures they follow.

Who are their Clients?

A company’s credibility can be calculated by the list of clients it has served. Their core competencies can be measured by reviewing the testimonials and feedbacks given by their clients. You can even ask them their client’s details to ask them about their experience while working with the company you are thinking to approach. Once you are sure about the company’s services and its quality, you can proceed by consulting them for your web solution.

How impressive is their Portfolio?

Review their project portfolio. It will narrate company’s story about the work they accomplished. You can find how proficient is the developers’ team. You might check their creativity and can even relate it with your requirements.

What Work Procedures They Follow?

Well, if you have selected a web service provider, check their working model and the procedures they follow. It is better to be on a safer side by reviewing their method of project execution rather than getting dissatisfied. You can come to know about the work quality they implement in the web solution they provide.

Does the Company Fit in your Budget?

Budget is the factor that no customer can neglect. Ask the service providers for the quotations and select the company that fits in your budget. Don’t just compare the price, but also match the services they offer and time of delivery they promise. Read the documents carefully before accepting them to avoid any issues.

All these points will help you choose a reliable and trustworthy web solution provider. Thus, in turn you will receive a prominent web solution for your business.

Android L vs Android M

Google’s Android Lollipop, when debuted, was the biggest update till date. With the multitude of features and functions, it won millions of hearts of technology lovers. Simple yet attractive material design it offered was totally different than its earlier versions. Android also released its dotted version after the source version Android 5.0. After serving the world with a truly innovative operating system, Android is ready with it’s another version i.e. Android M. Its preview version is out currently and the main version is expected to hit the market by end of this year.


Quick Insights

Android Lollipop is the most liked operating system version offered by Google. Let us see, how well Android M would perform when it will hit the market in 2015.

Android L

Google launched Android L in the last quarter of 2014. After this release, Android received much appreciation holding the tag “biggest upgrade of Android” given by Sundar Pichai, head of Android. It has also received its first dotted version, which included some basic fixes. Earlier, only few manufacturers were able to acquire this version. But in the current scenario, almost all the smartphone manufacturers are able to offer this version to their customers.

It is a remarkable opportunity for Android app development companies as they can now implement fresh and interesting features in the apps they build. Android L apps offer great user experience.

Android M

Google has recently launched a preview version Android M, which is preceded by Android Lollipop. The full version is not yet made available for downloads. But it is expected to hit the technology market in the last quarter of the year 2015. It is expected that this new version will have myriads of new features and functions to offer. Android fans are eagerly waiting for this version as there are many surprises wrapped under the name “Android M”.

Android app solution offered by web service providers will be completely off beat as this version offers fresh and creative features. Let us see how it will impact the technology market when it will enter the market.

Attractive Gains

There are so many reasons why Android is the first choice of millions of hearts. It’s two different operating system version L and M offers excellent user experience.

Android L Features

Lock Screen Notifications
Secure Face Unlock
Improved Quick Settings
Attractive Material Design
Double Tap to Wake
Reduced Energy Consumption

Android M Features

App Permissions
Biometric Support
Android Pay
Direct Share to Send Stuff
Text Selection with Floating Toolbar
Simplified Volume Controls

Final Words

Whether you stick with Android L or upgrade to Android M when it arrives, Google will surely provide you an amazing user experience.

Should you Keep Android L?

Well, this question can be answered only when you have the next Android version i.e. Android M. Till then, enjoy your smartphone experience with Android Lollipop and stay tuned for more updates from Android M.

Should you Upgrade to Android M?

With the launch of preview version of Android M, it is expected that the user version will have many surprises packed into it. Let us wait for the launch of the complete version for answering the above question.

Well, keeping Android L or upgrading it to Android M when it is made available, entirely depends on your personal choice. But trying the new version might give a better mobile experience for sure. Let us wait for the version launch to review, if Android M can make the record breaking entry. Who knows?

Why Companies Tend to Enforce SugarCRM?

Customers are superior for any business. For building unbeatable strategies, sales professional study the customer-purchase lifecycle. This is how you can get the best out of your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software implemented in your organization. Studying purchase life cycle method can be used when the sales team has few customers to manage; otherwise following this method will make your organization less productive. When the customers’ increase in your organization, you will need a strong and powerful solution that will help you fulfill the challenges of managing number of customers and their data easily.


Implement SugarCRM application in your company to simplify the process of data management, business activities etc. It will help you, bridge the gap between the sales professional and remarkable CRM solution along with boosting the sales ratio.

Top web service provider offers SugarCRM development solution to the companies seeking profitable solutions. Consult professional web developers or hire them for building CRM solution that can help you generate revenue.

Here are some of the great reasons why huge enterprises are selecting SugarCRM solution as their CRM solution.

Reasons Why SugarCRM is much popular?

Here are few features that would make companies rely on this magnificent and beneficial CRM software.

Open Source – Easy Customization

The architecture of this leading CRM solution allows you to customize its features and functions to fulfill the requirements of the organization. The paid versions of SugarCRM solution like Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise edition will allow you to modify the source code. Redistribution of the source code is not possible with these paid editions. SugarCRM integration will make your business platform more flexible offering simple user interface to the employees and higher authorities of the organizations.

Seamless Functions – Smooth Workflows

Huge organizations have numerous tasks and several employees to work for it, thus, making and managing concrete strategies for smooth workflows becomes important. SugarCRM solution helps organizations to conduct marketing campaigns for enhancing sales ratio. With SugarCRM software solution, you can also setup alerts or reminders for tasks like sending emails, making calls etc. for simplifying business processes.

User Roles Management – Simplifies Task Assignment

SugarCRM solution offers flexibility in assigning roles and responsibilities to the employees of the organizations. It allows giving specific rights to the users, like managers can be assigned all the rights while employees can be given only the view-role. You can divide the roles according to the designation to simplify task management.

Sales and Marketing Strategies – Allows Business to Grow

With SugarCRM solution companies can build various marketing campaigns like emails, web, phone calls etc. for lead generation. The reports generated in your CRM software will give a clear view of your business performance. Thus, by considering these reports, you can make strong strategies to boost the revenue.

Here we have listed only few reasons, why companies are selecting and relying on SugarCRM application for better business performance. The feature list might be long. Thus, we can conclude that “SugarCRM is the solution that will bring a definite success.” Implement it to receive extensive success.

What Foils ERP Project Implementation


ERP is comprehensive software that runs your company efficiently. The biggest challenge is getting it properly implemented. But a great correlation has been found between the problems that result in frustration in the selection process and the issues that can foil the implementation. Some of the widely witnessed implementation factors that have often derailed the overall ERP project, leaving the business in lurch, have been discussed in this post.
Let’s have an insight what those aspects are that can derail ERP implementation.

  •     Unclear Objective
  •     Lack of Accountability
  •     Improper Resourcing
  •     Scope Creep
  •     Inadequate Change Management

Unclear Objective

Clarity in the ERP goal is of the essence. It may lead to even more conflicts on the goals. Failure to streamline the objective prior to starting the project will ensure that you will fall victim to scope creep.

In case your vendor is professional they may lock down the scope early, ensuring that they know how to success, thus protecting you. You also need to terminate all the assumption that you may have made in the sales process about what could be included. Better get the objectives documented and well evaluated before you finally sign contracts otherwise there is always a possibility of scope creep as your expected scope will be wider than the vendor’s.

Lack of Accountability


Ownership of any project has to occur at every level of the organizational framework, but it must be taken forward in word and action both by the leaders who are at the top of the pyramid.
Understanding the executive ownership is very vital to every company for effective implementation of the project.

Improper Resourcing


After having your goals clear before you and once you have nailed down your project scope – what comes next?

Involving the right people in the project after relieving them from their regular work to devote time to the implementation is difficult but essential. The ground reality is that the resources you need to work on the project are the people who are running your business now and they are already damn packed with a full week’s work.
A methodology design workshop conducted in the absence of right people involved is an absolute disaster and just a waste of effort, time, and money.

Better do not start the project in the lack of right people to work on this project. Finally if your business is seasonal in nature or depends on repetitive boom/bust cycles you must draw a down cycle to keep your executive busy on a business morph projects. Earning enough revenue when times are good is very important, so that in the next down cycle you can keep your executive busy in ERP project.

Scope Creep


The scope creep can be your biggest enemy. You might have an undocumented variation to your project plan that can add a week and $15,000 to the cost impacting other stakeholders or the expanse. It is very much possible. It may happen anytime, if it is not aggressively managed initially.

Inadequate Change Management


People are usually averse to change, which is threatening at multiple levels. An accurate and effective change management should be in place to streamline the work processes before attempting to implement and automate them in the new system. Implementation of a brand new ERP solution is an excellent opportunity to terminate current business processes. Are your people and executives ready to digest this wider change in the day-to-day functioning?
To make your ERP implementation successful, you must ensure:

  •     Be focused on results to understand what your goals are and what success looks like
  •     Ensure each one of your team has clear vision of project goal
  •     Make sure scope is efficiently and aggressively handled
  •     Ensure that impact of change on the people and processes is planned and organized

Nonetheless, all these are not that hard actually when you think about it clearly. Aligning all the aspects and factors with the project goal is the core behind a successful ERP implementation. Having a great plan and right implementation process can create almost anything on it as your business evolves.

Websites are Acquiring Responsiveness. How it Impacts eCommerce Industry? – Part 2

Several surveys are carried out, which states that the invention of digital devices like smartphones, tablets, wearable devices etc. has boosted the access of eCommerce websites. This era of internet demands every digital device to support and offer easy access to internet ecosystem. Well, this trend has affected eCommerce industry immensely. Majority of the web traffic is generated from the internet enabled digital devices. With this study, eCommerce websites owners can observe the importance of online stores to have responsive design.


To compete with the current online market, store owners need to think over the type of features to add in the website to make it popular and better UX. Responsiveness is one such feature that needs to be added in the online store.

Hope you all liked the first part of this post, which was about the latest trend of websites acquiring responsiveness. This is the concluding part of the article posted previously. It will talk about how eCommerce industry is affected by this trend.

Let us have an insight about benefits of making your online store responsive.

Websites Access Regardless of Screen Resolution

If there would not be any barrier like, you require specific screen size to access websites then web traffic towards your website would increase notably. Consult web development companies for building responsive website, which would help your eCommerce business to grow seamlessly. Today’s modern buyers do not like conditions or limitations while satisfying their online shopping requirements. Giving them freedom to access your website from any device would help them access your e-store easily thus boosting your eCommerce business.

Be it a smartphone display, a tablet screen or a desktop resolution, the design elements like buttons, text boxes, icons etc. should provide similar view. The visual objects should adapt the screen size and adjust themselves with the display automatically.

Cost Effectiveness Balances Business Budget

Cost is the biggest factor any eCommerce business would look upon. Building responsive website costs too much, is just a myth. The reality is the development cost of a responsive online store is slightly more than the unresponsive website development cost. But, the cost does not exceed too much that it becomes unaffordable for companies to implement it.

A single website fits across the devices with varied shapes and sizes, isn’t it great? Just one solution for multiple devices would be the trend in the near future.

Enhanced Search Engine Visibility

Among myriads of development platforms available in the market, Magento development platform is the solution used by several eCommerce giants to get better search engine ranking.

Are you thinking – why only Magento? Well the answer to this question lies in the list of features packed in Magento platform. It offers your online store search engine friendliness, which helps your business get a vigorous push.

Responsive websites are crawled on the priority basis by popular search engines. Thus, Google will easily find your website, if it is well created. Optimize your eCommerce website and reach out your target audience faster.

Get new customers by implementing responsive design in your website. Every eCommerce business owners should follow this design strategy as soon as possible to generate sales. We promise to be back with some more such sequential articles very soon.

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