Ever Imagined Why Healthcare Sectors Integrate CRM With WordPress? Here’s Why!

Are you in the healthcare industry? Does your WordPress website leave you behind when it comes to customer satisfaction? This can be easily fixed by offering your WP customers the benefit of SugarCRM and WordPress integration in the form of a dedicated SugarCRM Customer Portal which they can access from their WP interface. Better and automated system, making their business function smoother and faster.


Huge changes are sweeping across the healthcare business and are dramatically impacting healthcare organizations. For successfully building brand loyalty and maintaining long-term relationships with customers it is must to retain and satisfy customers in the face of increasing competition. Providers, payers and pharmaceutical companies are focusing more on patient care and satisfaction. At the same time, patient expectations for accessibility of information and interactions have risen dramatically.

To adapt in this dynamic environment, organizations must be able to rapidly respond to changes in market conditions and customer requirements. The solution must be such that it enables you to share information across systems and organizations, helping to assure consistent, up-to-date information.

How Customer Portal Pro works!

Customer Portal Pro” allows you to manage all of your customers, partners, dealers and affiliates. You can organize your customers using custom attributes and keep track of your compatibility with them. It works well because it’s easy, powerful and you can manage everything from the ‘admin’ section of your site.

This plugin can integrate Accounts, Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Meetings, Calls, Cases, Documents, Tasks, Notes of Sugar modules to your WP customer interface for their use.It will cut down your task of communicating with your WP customers and enables healthcare organizations to improve visibility, reduce complexity and remain quick in the face of massive change.

Modern healthcare systems must quickly evolve to meet the expectations of the connected users. It has been observed that costs have increased steadily irrespective to the medium of delivery, so ways have to be found to better, and cost efficiencies in delivering healthcare services. Customer Portal Pro enables healthcare sectors to go beyond this and build meaningful relationships with customers.


Simplify Business Functioning with Odoo Implementation

Are you seeking a solution that simplifies the challenging business functions? Odoo ERP can help you make your business, a power-packed solution. The numerous features and functionalities infused in Odoo ERP will make your business highly reliable and popular among your customer base. Modern businesses require a comprehensive ERP solution and Odoo ERP boosts the productivity and generates desired revenue.


Business Centric Odoo Services

Odoo Implementation

Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning that was earlier known as OpenERP is one of the leading ERP solutions used by top organizations as it is the perfect match for their challenging business requirements. Odoo ERP software fulfills all the crucial needs of simplifying the business functioning for better outcomes.

Odoo Customization

With this service businesses can avail tailor-made modules, apps and plugins. Creating customized modules and configuring it to the business system makes it accurate and reliable. Business owners can get expected outcomes with less investment.

Odoo Support and Maintenance

Sit back and rest assure about the ERP software, once you integrate Odoo ERP with business system. The support and maintenance service ensures of seamless business functioning.

Why Implement Odoo Solutions

  • Odoo ERP is highly scalable
  • It is open source
  • Can be efficiently deployed
  • Can be easily configured
  • It is highly modular
  • It is available for free
  • Seamlessly integrated and customizable

If you are in search of a solution that makes your business consistent and accurate, integrate Odoo ERP software, which is the perfect solution for organizations seeking simplified processes for great ROI.

This is how Exactly You can Infuse Credibility into Businesses!

Business credibility is the trust you build among customers and with tactical  business acumen  retain it. You might be thinking that even after building an effective store front with impeccable and quality products, there is a need to infuse credibility in your store. But, more than a pre-requisite it is the aspect making your business reliable and trustworthy. Building business credibility is crucial for small scale businesses.

Corporate Solutions

Don’t ever miss the opportunities that come across for businesses to make it a big HIT among customers. Because, they are the ones the helps you build your brand. Even the finance investors and stakeholders play an important role in making the business image credible.

Traits that Add Credibility to your Business

Win Trust

Credibility is all about winning trust of every individual connected to it. Accepting and fulfilling the expectations is crucial for building and retaining trust factor in corporate business solution. This can be done by incorporating an enticing store front that satisfies customer needs, make them feel the value they hold for your business and let them reveal how and why they are satisfied with your business. Their positive approach will boost your brand image helping you get more customers.

Retain Confidence

It’s the confidence that helps your business to achieve desired ROI. If you are a newcomer, you will be packed with confidence to achieve success at any cost. Though you might not have sufficient experience to make the strategies work anyhow, but it takes the confidence that helps you conquer the world. Any task accomplished in the right way can do wonders. Confidence can build business credibility whereas overconfidence can even ruin it.

Treat Customers Well

Customers, being the most significant aspect of your business, they should be treated really well. Word of Mouth marketing is the most effective trait that has benefited organizations. Interact with your customers and find what they expect. By satisfying their challenging requirements, you can make your brand prominent sustaining in the world competition.

Even if the products or services you serve are not up-to the mark, the way you treat your customers matters more than the product quality. They can share their views and experiences through social media and other means, which can earn you more customers With better feedbacks, your business can avail excellent credibility!

Honest Approach

When the approach you work for is positive, and when the strategic efforts to make the business credible are honest, there would be no barrier for success. Dishonesty can prevent your business from getting success. Let your stakeholders and customers have faith in you and your business. Making fake or false promises can make your business lose its credibility.

Highlighting achievements and revealing accomplishments adds value to your business. Avoid the factors creating negative impact on individuals connected with your brand.

Clear Business Objectives

With an aim to serve across the globe, modern businesses ensure the strategies used to achieve objectives are unbeatable. For instance, you may set the goal that your business would achieve sales limit of ‘X’ number of products by the year ‘Y’. Accomplishing this objective requires several aspects to work like productivity, customer service, core values, manpower etc. Focusing on the efforts required to achieve business objectives helps customers trust your brand.

Be it a startup or a huge enterprise serving since ages, business credibility is the asset for organizations making individuals trust and rely on the businesses. Companies planning for long term stay in global market can get benefits from this marketing trait. Make unbeatable strategies that help you flaunt your business achievements.

Business credibility plays crucial role in boosting the customer satisfaction level by getting remarkable profitability. Flawless reputation is what every business is working for.

How Your Employees can Make ERP Successful?

Enterprise Resource Planning system is the primary requirement for every growing business. Without implementing the required systems, sustaining in the market even with the excellent services and promising features is next to impossible. ERP is affordable only by the huge firms is just a myth. The ERP system implemented in the company can develop a win-win situation for both the enterprise and the employees.


It is a fact that role of employees using ERP system is vital. No enterprise would tolerate if their ERP system does not earn them desired ROI. Below mentioned are the methods employees can use the ERP system to get the most out of it.

1.Analyze the Complete ERP Solution

Whenever a company implements a new ERP solution for simplifying business processes, the first thing any employee must do is its analysis. Check it thoroughly, it might be similar to the previous system or might be completely different from the system you were used to. Focus on its feature list and benefits offered. By understanding the features exactly, employees can use the system accurately and can extract the best out of it. The same way, benefits offered can simplify the business processes. Plan your enterprise resources precisely by availing all the benefits offered by the system.

2.Avoid Intolerable Mistakes

Mistakes can back off the business no matter how efficient the implemented system is. Minor mistakes can be tolerated and resolved even, what about the huge mistakes that jeopardize the business success.

a) Poor Planning

When no proper planning is made to use the ERP system, it can obscure the effective business strategies made for better ROI. Prior to making business strategies, focus on planning for the system usage as it takes the front seat.

b) Insufficient Training

Imagine the employees are made to work with the brand new ERP system you have just implemented. If they are not provided sufficient knowledge and training about the system, they will not be able to handle the system.

c) Poor Maintenance

The ERP system implemented in your enterprise require regular health check up too. The system that simplifies complex business activities also requires maintenance service to avoid further complexities. Give your employees a well maintained system for the improved functioning of business as well as ROI.

3.Get a Backup Plan Ready

A successful implementation plan is important for any system implementation but it is equally necessary to have a backup plan ready for the same. Without a backup plan you will not only lose your vital data but it will also cost your efforts and resources. Most importantly you must deliver the right training for such program to your employees as well as they would be a part of this backup program and help implement the backup plan in time.

4.Find the Flaw Rather than Avoid Using

If there are any flaws detected in the ERP system, report about it to the vendor representative handling the maintenance of system rather than stop using it.

Employees being the end users of ERP system, hold great importance. Enterprises seeking excellent solution for simplified business activities implement single ERP system rather implementing multiple systems and managing each of them individually.

Going Cloudway, What your Employees Must Know

This article mainly focuses on the companies moving their business to the cloud. The essential goal of any company is PROFIT. Marketing professionals build excellent strategies to boost the profit levels making the business successful. Not only CEOs of the enterprise, but also the employees need to focus on some consideration to make the cloud shift a success.


Cloud computing is the modern age concept thrilling companies with its excellent benefits. Cost efficiency, flexibility, security, scalability etc. this is what an organization requires when dealing with crucial business data. Thus, this virtual data storage concept has won the trust of the majority of business owners seeking better data management solution.

Cloud Benefits IT Professionals Must Know

This virtual data storage solution has a scalable environment that holds big data storage very efficiently. Affordable cloud computing service is a boon for every sized business. Even the investment for implementing this trending technology can compensate the company investments through its benefits. Have a look at the benefits packed with this impeccable data management technique.

  • Organizations offer services to manage huge amount of data through cloud computing resources. They may add or remove the resources used, depending on the varying size of enterprise. The fluctuating requirements of IT infrastructure can easily be fulfilled by cloud technology.
  • Enterprises get the flexibility to rent the cloud space on hourly/weekly/monthly or yearly basis at reasonable packages.
  • Implementing cloud based business activities is cost-effective as no additional hardware installation is required.
  • The biggest advantage of switching to this scalable technology is quick access to the cloud space allotted for your business.

Cloud Considerations IT Manager Must Focus

Data Security

It’s true that the security of data stored in the cloud depends on the type of cloud (private, public, community or hybrid cloud). But even the employees accessing these data need to be alert while dealing with this data. The systems through which the cloud data are accessed should be secured (with powerful firewall installed). For security purpose, avoid inserting external drives or connecting other devices to the computer systems through which cloud is accessed.

Skills and Knowledge

Organizations moving to cloud gets to avail new opportunities. IT managers serving your enterprise must be technical proficient to manage even the worst case scenario while working with cloud. It takes technical experience to connect the products with their data stored in cloud and customize the solution when required. If the employees working with the cloud data service lack the knowledge required then, then they might be unable to handle the challenges coming along the way. Cloud service knowledge proficiency is a must while working with the technology.

Organizations moving to cloud should explain pros and cons about the technology to their employees. 2-3 training session for the brief overview is sufficient. Companies can utilize the cloud resources depending on the size and complexity of the organization.

Businesses seeking better ROI, select cloud computing services for flawless business functioning. Select reliable hosting services providers as your crucial business data requires safe and secure hands to manage it. Just do not forget to educate your managers and other employees about this mechanism and the security patches they should understand.

Factors to Consider for Data Security While Moving to Cloud


Storing the data in the cloud is the most advanced data management method followed by  organizations that find data management a complex task specifically if the volume is large. Cloud data storage is the technique where logical pools stores digital data and are mainly managed by hosting companies. Managing huge data was a tough task before cloud storage technique came into existence. There are several benefits attached with this new data storage technique.

Top organizations using data cloud are concerned about data security and rely on cloud computing service providers for managing their crucial business data effectively. But do you think that data stored in cloud is secured?

There are generally two types of clouds, private clouds that are owned by reliable hosting companies (data security ensured) and public clouds that are available for every individual using internet (data security issue).

Crucial Aspects of Cloud Data Storage Technique

There are several risks too associated with storing the data in the cloud, but it cannot diminish several benefits that it offers like easy data management, simple data search and quick data access. Let’s have an insight what those top factors are that can make cloud computing a trustworthy deal.

1.Data Encryption

Encryption prevents data from getting infected from malicious attack. Sit back and relax if your data is encrypted prior to storing it in the cloud. You can rely on the hosting companies that use the best encryption technique to protect your data from unauthentic attack. But if you prefer saving your data on some public cloud, though your data being encrypted, your data can be at risk. Choose the cloud computing service providers wisely as your  business data is significant and it should be taken care of.

2.Big Data Management

Is your company growing? Do you feel your crucial business data needs a better management process? Cloud computing is the best technique helping organizations to save and manage their big data efficiently. This technology is perfect when it comes to dealing with huge and unmanageable data. Without affecting the flawless business functioning top IT service providers streamline the two of the hottest trends i.e. big data and cloud computing. So, if you have big data better shift to cloud for better data management.

3.Shared Access

Check – Whom are you sharing your cloud data with? It is possible that when employees share the company resources like storage devices, memory etc. it may result in data leakage. This can be a threat to the data security. You might be unaware about who has logged into your system and misused the data. Researchers checking the security loop holes can access the resources to tasks performed and employees logged into the system. Thus, organizations are advised to keep the record of the shared devices and access secure to avoid data breaches within the cloud. Shared access can be a big problem putting the vital business information at stake.


Cloud data network is highly theft-resistant. Professional hosting companies offering cloud data service claim their cloud to be 99.999% resistant to multiple data copies stored at multiple locations. Private data cloud owners manage exabytes and zettabytes, which is a tough task. Handling this amount of data is a huge concern for IT service providers. Error resistance data storage in the cloud is highly challenging. Select reliable service providers having proven records of serving reliable and efficient cloud services.


Authorization of the data in the cloud is the most crucial aspect. Be it the top management or the data management team, when security of significant data is concerned, access rights should be provided with great responsibility. Focusing on the data confidentiality, authorization should be the biggest concern.

There are several companies offering cloud data service. Research the market prior to selecting the service providers offering cloud computing services that suits your crucial requirements. They also offer several packages with specific service list; businesses can select the packages given their requirements and budget. Selecting appropriate service provider will reduce your concern about the data and let you focus on business.

The Dirty Truth – Technology is Ruling Our Life!


TECHNOLOGY – The buzz word that has influenced every alert and informed individual living in digital era!

It has a positive side about which everyone knows. As every coin has two sides, technology also has a flip side that is widely neglected. Everyone is just interested in knowing about the advantages it offers. Modern age population is glad that technology has made their lives quite simple. But at the same time we cannot neglect the bitter truth that “Technology has made us PUPPETS.”

I am not ruling out the lifestyle technology has offered us rather I am focusing on what we have lost, allowing digital era to overcome the essence of simple living.

Have you ever thought you are being surrounded by numerous digital products? You can’t even think of detaching them from your life. Smartphones, laptops, tablets etc. are such devices you would never want to live without. Why, is it so damn important? No, actually you are habitual of  these gadgets and don’t want them to leave you ever.

In today’s era, you would find people saying, they can live without their friends or family. But, you will hardly find anyone saying that they can live without their smartphones or laptops. Technology inventors would never have thought that the gift they are giving to the world will make them so aggressive that people would have more attachment with the non-living objects rather than living-beings.

Social Media gets High Priority

Social Media gets High Priority

We give social media the highest priority. Does this mean we like virtual friends and relationships rather than meeting people in real? We are connected with social networking websites 24/7 and more than 30% of the day is spent on checking the news feeds and making updates. But we don’t call it a time waste; we call it utilizing time for interacting with loved ones (but over internet).

I really pity the parents that wait for their kids to get offline so that they can start their dinner; I really pity the kids that are eagerly waiting for their dads to finish of his video conference; I pity the wives who are waiting for their husbands to finish off his work like checking mails and setting schedules on his tablets, so that they can have a conversation on important issues. God bless them!

Feelings have taken a Back Seat

Feelings have taken a Back Seat

Before the arrival of digital era, people had emotions and feeling of humanity. But as the world started getting advanced, these emotions got disappeared over time. Good feelings have taken shape of anger, anxiety, envy, jealousy, aggression etc. Are we the same human being that once felt others pain, tried to make others happy or did something good for others? Actually our most time is utilized in using the technology and as a result no time is left for thinking of lost emotions.

Emotions are Fading Away

Emotions are Fading Away

Have you ever felt the time you spend over video games and internet must have been invested in nurturing the relations with the people around us? Every age group is suffering from the disease called “TECHNOLOGY ADDICTION”. Taking the serious note over it I pity the people having beautiful families and yet they cannot spend time with them. Though spending majority of the time around with the digital devices might be a part of their work, but what about the personal life? The time you start feeling your professional life is ruining your personal life, start discarding unnecessary tasks eating your majority of the valuable time like reduce the time spend over social networking website, crop the time used behind communication applications etc. Retain relations as they are the most beautiful and priceless asset  that everyone does not get.

Distinct Diseases are Hitting Lives

As we all are aware, extreme use of technology will impact lives. Wives sitting or working in front of the television, is the scenario of majority of the modern houses. This affects their brains by diversifying their brains in multiple directions that leads to unfocused approach in life. Children eating in front  of the TV don’t care about what and how much are they eating; can give rise to several disorders. The professionals surrounded with digital devices at  work are at risk of mental distress.

With increasing mental stress arguments, disagreement etc. also increases. Avoiding such situations is the key to a happy and healthy life.

More than a habit, we are addicted to the devices and gadgets of the digital era. Imagine a life without an alarm clock (it would be hard to wake-up by your own in the morning), a coffee maker and a toaster (how will you make your morning breakfast), an iron (you will definitely not leave the house with  shabby and un-ironed clothes), smartphones (how will you contact people), laptop (you won’t be able to work anywhere and anytime). I know it’s very hard, almost impossible. There are several other appliances without which we cannot survive.

Anything done within its boundary is acceptable. It’s time now to draw a line between being addictive to technology and being a smart user of technology without ruining your personal space.  It’s time now for you to think where you are wrong. TECHNOLOGY has made our lives better, but limiting its use will make our lives simpler and happier.

Gamification – A New Marketing Strategy for Broader Customer Outreach

The term gamification for businesses simply means creating a gaming strategy that involves platforms/resources like websites, online community etc. for motivating target audience to engage with the brand for better business opportunities. The gamification strategy needs to be designed perfectly for boosting ROI through out of the box gaming techniques. The integrated game methodology triggers active participation of customers resulting in customer loyalty.


Perfect gamification marketing technique is the latest customer relationship management mechanism that engage and retain loyal customers. It not only engages customers but also drives behavioral changes in users and customers that directly integrate with your business goals and strategies. Let’s have an insight about the most crucial techniques and strategies that can make the gamification process the future trend of marketing strategies.

Use Social Media as Platform

Engage your customers with your brand and reward them on task completion, this is what gamification is! Social media is the biggest platform for any gaming methodology to initiate. Majority of the internet users across the globe are connected through social networking website and it is the best place to make its users fond of your brand. You can use several techniques to engage them with your business like for instance, ask for their feedback and offer them reward points on their responses. On social media platform alone you can target millions of users and let them involve in the game plan your business created to follow.

With real games and reward earning activities in businesses, businesses can know the customers through their behaviors and requirements.

Offer Reward Points to Attract Customers

No matter what plan you make to gamify your business, ultimately you have to focus on your customers. There are several corporate giants that have started implementing the latest trend of gamification. For instance, in some games there are websites that offer points and rewards you on completing daily activities like checking emails, referring the website to his/her friend etc. The points collected can also be redeemed in several forms like you get discounts on specific products, you get a chance to get promotional products at nominal price etc.

Some websites that also have mobile app version can gamify the mobile app promotion. They offer discounts or points on downloading the app. This is the tactics used by majority of the eCommerce websites to promote their shop-anywhere approach.

Better Search Visibility

There are websites that ignite the spirit of competition among the users. This not only keeps the users engaged but also invites huge traffic towards the website. Gamification also helps websites to get better ranking in popular search engines.

Top search engines crawls the websites that update their content on regular basis. This gaming technique helps business owners to know their customers better. They track their behavior and considering that they build unbeatable marketing strategies.

Design the Game Mechanism Focusing your Audience

Your target audience is the primary target for gamification. Building customer centric gamification strategies will allow businesses to acquire desired ROI. Design the gaming mechanism with an aim to motivate the players and engage them with your brand. Build and implement gamification strategies that benefit both your business and customers.

This modern age term can help organizations to broader their market outreach, if executed perfectly!

Omni-Channel Shopping – A Gift to Next Generation Buyers

“Powerful marketing strategies can attract customers,” this sentence has become outdated now. With the arrival of tech savvy shopping era, eCommerce businesses are forced to implement smart marketing techniques. Omni-channel shopping is the most advance marketing concept where customers are targeted through different channels (including online and offline marketing modes). No matter what channels customers select to get connect with the brand, they are provided with flawless customer experience irrespective of time, place and channel.



Either it’s through an official website, mobile app or social media fan page, companies can leverage every channel for marketing their products and services. Even customers can shop using Omni-channel strategy.

They can connect to the eCommerce brands through social networking websites that redirects them to the official websites. Advertising through SMS texts and mobile apps are the latest trends igniting the eCommerce market with multiple options of shopping and advertising. Top products and services can be acquired by using Omni-channel eCommerce.

Omni-channel Gains for Today’s Shoppers

  • Shop anytime and anywhere. Internet connection is not a compulsion. Yes, you read it right! If shoppers want to place an order, he/she get the liberty to order the products by just a phone call or a text message too.
  • Shoppers can compare the price of the product from any channel where the product is available and order from the eCommerce store with the best price offer.
  • Portable devices like smartphones, wearable devices etc. are also the channels used to connect with eCommerce websites.
  • Customers get consistent shopping experience and customer service through Omni-channel eCommerce solutions.

Gains for Retailers

  • Consumers find it easy to connect with brands and ultimately eCommerce business owners can also serve more customers using diverse channels for customer outreach.
  • Some retailers also offer in-store pickup option that reduces the transportation cost to a great extent. Only eCommerce store having a physical store too can offer this flexibility.
  • Retailers can offer real time discounts when customers are in the store to increase sales and profitability.
  • Rise of the mobile era has benefited both customers and seller. Customers can buy effortlessly and retailers no more have to serve the customers in long queue.

All the retailers can stay connected with your customers through different means, and the customers can shop through any channel with an assurance of consistent customer service through Omni-channel eCommerce.

If we consider the research conducted by top eCommerce companies and market researchers; more than 60% of the modern age group shopping online demands for discounts and searches for better alternatives.

Top brands can offer attractive benefits like same day delivery (with additional shipping charges), price negotiations (depending on the seller) etc. Ecommerce companies can build smart marketing strategies for fulfilling customer requirements and broaden the retailing platform. Targeting millennial (individuals born between 1980 and 2000) age group and offering them personalized and attractive deals and discounts can benefit business. It is truly a gift to millennial as they can get what they desire very easily!

The Truth Behind Selecting CRM Solution Being Important

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the methodology/software built for the management of company’s relation with customers effectively. Still there might be several individuals still unaware about the power of CRM solution. It has been established that businesses using CRM solution perform better as compared to the enterprises not using the CRM solution. It can be considered as a complete bouquet of business solution managing right from customer requirements to customer experiences.



Though there are several CRM solutions available in the market, it takes selecting the most befitting CRM solution to accelerate your business functioning. If you select the correct one, it will be a rewarding decision, it can make your business a nightmare.

Choosing the Right CRM Solution

It can add value to your business only when CRM users in your organization are satisfied with its performance.

Analyze the business thoroughly prior to selecting a CRM solution to avoid any further issues. The requirement list after analyzing the system will help you select the best suiting CRM solution for your business. There are CRM solutions suitable for small to huge corporate firms. Only huge enterprises invest in CRM solutions for organized businesses is just a myth. In today’s era, smart entrepreneurs are adapting technology inventions to simplify their business notably.

Factors like size of the firm, tech savvy employees, business complexities are crucial for selecting the solution. Match the objectives of the CRM solution with your requirement list, if it matches, that is the best for your enterprise.

Perfect CRM Solution is the Key to Business Success!

Well, imagine a scenario where you own a corporate business having complex processes to be carried out and you plan to invest in a CRM solution. But unluckily, this solution does not prove to be favorable. The wrong selection of CRM software jeopardizes business performance to a great extent. The reason might be either insufficient system analysis or less scalability and flexibility, or difficult integration.

Thus, it is advisable to carry out intense research prior to deciding a CRM solution and investing in it.

Why Selected CRM Solution needs to be Changed?

There might be several reasons responsible for changing CRM solution selected by the corporate business solution.

  • Company is growing and the implemented CRM solution is unable to handle the changing requirements.
  • New technology adaptation by the company may raise the requirement of a new CRM solution.
  • CRM solution maintenance charges increased furiously that crashes company budget.
  • Features offered in the selected solution seem to be insufficient for the growing enterprise.
  • The change in the company policy might also affect the additional software used for simplifying company processes (CRM solution might be one of them).
  • The selected CRM solution is less scalable given the company’s requirement.
  • The vendor changes the maintenance policy very frequently.

It just takes a moment to select a CRM solution, but it takes huge amount of time and efforts to make that moment work well by taking right decision. Choose the solution that boost the business performance rather than a solution that reduces the profitability.

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