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Microsoft SharePoint Development – Boost Your Business Productivity & Reduce Operational Costs!


Microsoft SharePoint has emerged as a revolutionary technology in today’s era. Businesses, today, need to stay competitive and control their day to day operational costs too. Using SharePoint technology, businesses can improve the collaboration & co-ordination among their teams and help increase their productivity. With SharePoint, you can design & develop a range of websites, content management systems, blogs, forums and powerful business applications too. The best way to get started is to outsource your work to a professional & experienced Microsoft SharePoint Development services provider.

With SharePoint it’s easier for businesses to share documents within colleagues, customers and clients too.  Information can be shared in the most efficient manner among departments which results in better & quicker business decisions.

Mentioned below are some reasons why you should go for Microsoft SharePoint Customization solutions.

  • Copy, create, delete, or rename lists & libraries, pages, sites and web-parts
  • Easily manage user permissions, and view document/page version histories
  • Manipulate content in lists & libraries, pages and sites
  • Manage definitions and properties of lists & libraries, pages, sites and web-parts
  • Being a complete web application framework SharePoint helps companies across industries in managing data, documents, & files and helps their departments’ co-ordinate in a better manner.
  • SharePoint as an information management tool has all the necessary features that are required to share information between teams and departments.
  • SharePoint consists of three vital technologies namely Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS), Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer (MOSD). It helps you creating interactive reports in a consistent way throughout the organization.
  • Using Microsoft SharePoint your teams can effortlessly export data to excel sheets and even print them for better decision making.
  • According to research, employees often spend as much as 20 – 30 % of their day searching for data and information.  With SharePoint this time can be reduce significantly. The technology offers robust search functionality needed to find the information and expertise buried in the thousands, or hundreds of thousands of files a company generates in the course of business.

Besides all this, Microsoft SharePoint also offers excellent web 2.0 features – blogs and wikis in particular, which are used to share expertise, get feedback and aggregate knowledge. Additionally, you can also expand SharePoint server functionality by means of integrating additional web parts which would best suit the needs of a particular business.

In case you are looking forward to get high quality SharePoint Development Services at affordable prices, then consult us at Biztech Consultancy. We are a professional ASP .Net Development Company specializing in customizing Microsoft SharePoint technology for diverse businesses. Apart from offering these solutions, we also specialize in C sharp development, Silverlight Development, DotNetNuke Development, Dot Net Development and much more.


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