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SMS Scheduler Android Application for Scheduling Messages


Today, an ever-increasing number of people send text messages via their smart phones. However, it might happen many times that you forget to send in some really important text messages to friends, family members, relatives, colleagues, business partners etc. So, how about a tiny-little android app that lets you send such important SMSs on time? Well, at Biztech Consultancy, we have carved out a wonderful android application that lets you schedule time for sending SMS.

Using this android mobile app, you can send messages on a daily, weekly etc basis without any hassles. Our android application is quite easy to install and use too. Once this gets installed, you can send unlimited text messages for different occasions such as festivals, birthdays, meetings etc to people in your circles.

User-friendly Android Mobile Application that Lets You Schedule & automatically send messages quickly & easily. You also can search contacts while scheduling an SMS and send messages to new number if a contact is changed.

User can view complete SMS details of scheduling messages. The users can edit a scheduled SMS details as well. User can get notifications when the SMS is sent successfully.

User able to see all scheduled SMS at one screen. The users can also edit/update/stop scheduled messages.

There is also an Archived SMS list that will store all the scheduled sent messages. This SMS Scheduler android application have Intuitive navigation panel, auto start feature once the device is rebooted etc.

User can save message settings, date & time formats as per they wants. We promise to make continuous enhancements to this application to meet your changing requirements.

Download SMS Scheduler App from Google Play Store of Biztech Consultancy and say goodbye to reminders and will never miss out on important dates & occasions.


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